any gals seen a vert d'eau DAY? if so, where?

  1. hey girls, i NEED this bag. i saw one PFer post a pic of her vert d'eau day (i forget who) - i haven't seen those anywhere! as i am addicted to the day style AND am in love with vert d'eau (since it's pretty unlikely i'll ever find a seafoam day), i'm killin myself over here trying to figure out how to get this bag.

    any suggestions? i would call balNY, however, i'm not able to call out of country at the moment. anyone from NYC seen any there? thanks a ton! :smile::smile::smile:
  2. Hi There,

    I saw a couple at Barneys in Dallas, Texas last week. Adriane is the SA.

    Good Luck
  3. evilarchitect, that's exactly what happened to me after I saw that PFer's post! I've been wondering about the vert deau day but never got serious about it until I saw the pic last night. It's really pretty isn't it? Are you wanting it in the RH or GH? I'm thinking maybe GH for moi...
  4. Sorry Evilarchitect! I am responding to your PM right now..
  5. Sorry I haven't seen one. Hope you find it!!!
  6. Evil I believe they still have it at Balenciaga NY.

    I looked at my inventory list for their store and I have Seagreen (Vert d'eau) Day listed as being available but I would either call or email them.
  7. i am truely in love with this color too. I remmeber around 2 weeks ago , Bal NY has vert deau day in stock but they charged too much for shipping + import tax i am going to pay. I decided to search on eBay instead.
  8. i have a Q about the vert d'eau city. how much does it retail for and is it more on the blue side or green? i've seen conflicting pics and i won't be able to see it irl.

    (i'd love a bag the LIGHT blue color of the ocean in cancun or hawaii, kwim?)
  9. thanks gals (and guy:smile:)

    i don't think i can deal with BalNY customs tax right now, i guess i will have to hold off for the moment, and hope that they don't sell out in the next couple of months. really such a gorgeous bag! :heart::heart:
  10. peppy, i bet it would look awesome with GH! but i'm not a GH kind of girl. i like the subtlety of the RH, so i would have to go with that :smile: get one so we can all enjoy vicariously through you!

  11. yes, I'm trying!!! but I can't decide whether I want the city GH or brief GH, and I can't find any pics of someone modelling either! :sad: Doesn't anyone have one???
  12. I just ordered one today from NM in FL