any fur lovers? Hermes+fur my fav combo!

  1. Lovely!
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  3. Yes I think shaved mink and obviously chinchilla.
  4. any recommendations for a good tailor to alter furs in london city? many thanks in advance
  5. Furs of Mayfair on 47 South Molton Street. Not affiliated but they are sweeties and very good at alterations and bespoke.
  6. Hockley? It's on Conduit St.
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    Khloe with H and chinchilla.

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  8. @italianfashionista- I hope she kept her chinchilla coat dry. Screenshot_20180107-092848.jpg
  9. Khloe looks great!
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  10. Oh definitely, the staff at Hockley are absolutely fab. My short mink jacket and sable gilet are from them and I entrust all my furs to them for storage. However I was hesitant to recommend them for alterations as the business has been sold to Yves Salomon and I am not sure if there will be changes to the services offered.
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  11. I didn't know they had sold actually. A shame I think.

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  12. Jinan Reda, Getty 639842480.jpg
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  13. J Lo

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    My Blackglama kept me warm and survived the Paris drizzle. Malachyte C24 visits FSH. Thank you for letting me share!