any fur lovers? Hermes+fur my fav combo!

  1. Thank you. Yes all three are mink :smile:
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  2. The pictures themselves are good....the photographer knows what they are doing and it's not on them. It's her - it's the poses.

    I see many professional modeling photos and her stance, positions, what she's doing, and most important her eyes - what's going on behind the eyes is huge - everything that she says in her pictures just makes me laugh - her eyes and the emotions she is emitting in her photos - she takes herself way too seriously.

    It's not inviting or welcoming. Its not "join me in this moment". It's "look what I've got".
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  3. BBC, You nailed it!!! That's why I dislike shots like those. Jamie Chua is very guilty of this type of behavior too.
  4. Goodness me this has to be one of the worst looks ever! Not sure why but it makes me think of the flintstones and not in a good way.
  5. Fur = 10/10
    "Here I am and look what I got pose" = 1/10
    Fabulous. Would love to see more.
    Super! I do love a nice fox fur.
    Super Super Super.
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  6. thank you :smile:
  7. I'd love that coat! In England at present fox furs are very popular and seen as 'trendy'. They tend to be described as 'ringed' and have gaps in between the pelts. Yours on the other hand is much nicer, I like it. In fact if I see one similar ..... I will probably Invest.
    All three look lovely. The last photo is what I think of as the perfect colour for mink!
  8. Thank you! Gosh you have a good eye. The third one is Blackgama :smile::tup:
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  9. Oh that is my suspicion confirmed. Fabulous.
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  10. thank you! i love it too :biggrin:
  11. 1512996679693.png 1512996666040.png 1512996643665.png 1512996626523.png 1512996600976.png 1512996341192.png

    I as kill 20 minutes on the train for a meeting I thought I might brighten up the days of some with some photos from @logid26 on Instagram.
  12. Follow her on Insta- she has a mass of gorgeous furs and lovely H bags too.
  13. tapatalk_1514142113457.jpeg tapatalk_1514142117865.jpeg tapatalk_1514142124323.jpeg

    Taken from the wildlife sightings thread.