any fur lovers? Hermes+fur my fav combo!

  1. She is aging in reverse! Each time i see a photo of her, she appears younger and younger. At one point it just seemed like too much ps for my taste, but her face now seems to have settled into a lovely, youthful softness. I am amazed how fabulous she looks! Of course her H collection is always stunning!
  2. Not a fan of her at all... there was talk that a few of her croc Bs aren’t real too. I used to be in awe of her H collection but after the exposé, I don’t even know what’s real any more! Scary.
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  3. Yes there were incidents of fakes. And she looks too plastic for my taste.
  4. She looks fabulous. I recall the fake "scandal" and I know people are massively against fakes. I do still like her closet.

  5. Do tell! What happened in the fake scandal?
  6. Since the thread is about fur ... could we please get back to topic?


  7. My apologies...
  8. Mink coat and Ms Tosca K out on a cold day.
  9. Gorgeous! Love the pop of colour
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  10. Fabulous .... Great combination.
  11. My son took this shot, being a paparazzi from my behind.
  12. What a fabulous photo. The coat looks incredible well made with thick pelts. Gorgeous.
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  13. Wonderful shot, are we bagtwins? I think I see a B25 barenia ghw
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  14. Fabulous bag and fur pairing. You look a true fashionista.
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  15. don't think i have contributed to this thread before! a few pics of mine..

    DSC_4690.jpg DSC_4710.jpg DSC_1683.jpg
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