any fur lovers? Hermes+fur my fav combo!

  1. What's your fur and hermes style?
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  2. What fur are you wearing ? perfect match with your B
  3. it's J MENDEL =)

  4. Beautiful fur & bag - looking forward to more of this thread!
  5. I actively dislike the combination of fur with Birkin bags. Sorry.
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  6. Do not mean to be rude. I do not like the idea of wearing fur from the start. Btw I am not looking for a debate here either.
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  7. Maybe it's faux fur?
  8. Fur or faux fur with hermes. it's just the style!
  9. fur belongs on the little creature it was born on- I do not like fur, real or faux, with Hermes or any designer b/c you cannot tell the difference; sorry, the look is very dated imo
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  10. its funny how people like croc bag but hate fur.
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  11. Or even Faux Fur
    Good point OP:tup::yes:
  12. It's hard to put them together so I wonder how they look on other people.:smile:
  13. I absolutely agree. I don't see the difference between fur and croc leather.
  14. That's why I felt "safe" to post here=)

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  15. This is not the place for a discussion of the merits or lack of same of fur, exotics, use of leather, etc.

    Please try to stay on topic and avoid getting into an ethical debate.