Any Funny Stories With Animals?

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  1. I don't think I have ever posted this, probably because it is quite embarrassing but funny so I am willing to share at my own expense.

    I ALWAYS have 3 oreo cookies for breakfast (yes I know, how healthy) but nonetheless, I still cannot wait to have them.

    One morning not too long ago, my husband was having his breakfast (oatmeal) and I decided to go ahead and get up and have my cookies and visit with him before he left for work.

    I went into the pantry as I always do, get the package of cookies and set them on the counter where my husband was standing. I pulled it open enough to just get my three cookies out, and had not closed it back up.....yet. I start eating the 1st one and all of a sudden a little head pops out of the package.........yea, it was a baby mouse. I scared it as much as it scared me. I screamed and ran, and my husband ran, and the little friend jumped off the cabinet and hauled ass. It took two days before that little gal was caught. I felt soooo bad that my husband had to trap her, but we just had no choice. We still laugh our butts off when we reminace about it.

    Needless to say, my cookies now go into the fridge and I prayed I didn't get any diseases from her, cause you know she had to have pooped in there. YUK.

    Anyone else have any funny stories?

  2. OMFG!!! I would have head a mini stroke...Ok I am scared from an type of bugs. Period! If I see a spider or roach in my house...thats it! I cry and start shaking:sweatdrop: I have a lot of stories, but there stupid because all I do is cry for little things:lol:
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