any full timers here?

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  1. does anyone do ebay full time? just curious! I started selling fulltime last wednesday!! how are sales and what r u selling?
  2. Yes, and I wish I didn't have to. I wish the other store (the one in my sig) could bring in the traffic necessary to live off of but there's no way :sad: eBay still makes up the bulk of the income.

    Except for the last two weeks, in which we've barely had any sales. String of expletives, etc.
  3. nice jewelry! We are from the navajo tribe and LOVE turquoise jewelry. I have a jeweler working on all of my pieces from my great great grandmother.
    as far as ebay, the last 2 weeks I have not been making anything. BUt before that, I was doing great. I depend ebay for my handbag collection and trips with my little ones. So if it is slow, it sucks around here!!
    I sell clothing and accessories, and you only sell na jewlery?
  4. Yeah, my MIL started by selling off her own collection and about a year ago I began to work with her, we'd been growing practically exponentially until the last few weeks.

    We also sell some of our impulse buys (coach keyfobs, my MIL's Fresh Produce dresses) but mostly it's jewelry. The best part is meeting artists and looking at the work and going "I can't believe that's handmade!"
  5. Yup, I make a pretty nice living off of it. But lately business has been sloooow.
  6. Maybe back to school duldrums. I hope.
  7. Yeah, one of those times in life. I decided to do it because my monthly sales were AMAZING and I couldn't find another job, so I'm starting my own (non-ebay) company. And, as luck would have it, as soon as I decide to rely on it, I've sold $96 worth of stuff in the last few weeks. String of expletives, indeed. I'm hoping it picks up so I can do things like pay rent. I like having somewhere to live, if you know what I mean.
  8. I don't know what you consider "full time," but ebay is my only source of personal income right now. My husband works full time, and I stay home with our daughter. We could definitely survive without it, but it's been nice for me to have some fun money so to speak.

    I agree that the last month has been very slow. I still managed to make silver powerseller status but that is only because I recently sold some big ticket items like a car and diamond jewelry for friends. I anticipate dropping back to bronze, or losing powerseller altogether very soon at this rate!

  9. Nooch, I'm going to have my husband check out your site. He has been collecting turquoise cabs and jewelry ever since we moved to Arizona. I'm not sure if he's in the market for anything new right now because he just had a custom set made, but we'll definitely bookmark it for the future!