Any French bulldog owners?

  1. Hi ladies and gents...I was wondering if anyone here owns or has some knowledge in regards to French bulldogs. My SO and I (hopefully at the beginning of next year) are planning to move to a house. We have been thinking about getting a dog and we both decided on a French bulldog..and yesterday we saw a lady holding a puppy one at a pet supply store and we fell in love with the breed even more! Anyone own one and could you tell me some pros and cons? Or if you have any comments of any kind..? TIA!
  2. aww Frenchies are soo cute!!! I adore them.
  3. They are super cute! I just wish they had floppy ears.
  4. ^I know right? The one we saw last night was a light tan...sooo cute and so personable!
  5. I love how they are so tiny and all muscles!
  6. I LOVE Frenchies! I'd love to have one at some point. I read somewhere that they are clowns and great family pets but don't always get along with other animals. They're so cute and compact and I LOVE their giant bat-ears :smile:
  7. I have a little Frenchie girl called Buddha :smile: She's 3 years old and we rescued her a year ago. She came from a really bad breeder and was used to breed extensively during her young life. With us, she's the sweetest dog ever, but she doesn't trust strangers or other dogs (she only has 2 friends, a pug and a poodle; she hates all the rest of the dogs we come across :p. Because she came from a bad breeder, she has a respiration problem and snores almost all the time, especially when she's exited. We got used to it and don't even hear it anymore, it's kinda cute. She also doesn't like it when it's too hot. We can't take her out for walks in the summer during the day, because she gets out of breath really quick. We can go walk on the beach or in the forest for an hour easily in the winter time tough. She's a real house dog and sleeps most of the time, but she's in for a play whenever we call her.
    So if you want to get a Frenchie, my advise would be: do it, because they're the best dogs, but be sure to go to a reputable breeder and not to a puppy farm, because you don't want a dog with health problems due to careless breeding.
    Sorry for the long story :smile:
    Here's a pic of my little baby
  8. French bulldogs are so stocky and adorable! I love the way they move and they look like piglets when they're very young.

    And I would also agree with *bunny*LV* in emphasizing that you purchase your new puppy from a reputable seller or perhaps even adopting one. Temperament and health is important factor regardless of the breed!

    Here's my favorite YouTube French Bulldogg clip you might enjoy!

    Good luck and please keep us updated!
  9. Thanks ladies I will def. keep you guys posted. *bunny*LV* thank you so much for the info! Your Buddha is so precious!
  10. bf has a frenchie. i went with him to pick him out and we love him to pieces. theyre wonderful dogs, but be prepared for some stank... theres a saying that if they snore and fart alot, you got a good one :smile:

    theyre honestly the sweetest things though. easily excited and is an attention whore...hes not loyal to any one person in the family...he loves everyone (even strangers) equally. theyre also somewhat high maintenance. theyre known for having dry paws and noses (a little vasaline on the nose does the trick) and theyre ears are prone to infection bc they stick up, and they are highly allergenic, and overheat easily. they also shed...a lot...

    but i wouldnt trade him for anything. he is too cute and has the biggest heart. :love:

    ....and his name is monte :smile:
    100_0036.JPG 100_0037.JPG
  11. ^Awwwe, Monte is so cute!
  12. thanks! that was him as a puppy (notice his ears arent perked up all the way yet) but hes a cream colored one, which im told is rare. we orig wanted black but fell for the little guy
  13. omg, bagaholic! he's just the CUTEST!! I love their little clown faces. I'm really fond of the fawn coloured ones myself. So cute!