Any free ship for V/S without minimum?

  1. Does any have a free ship for Victoria's Secret without having to make the minumum puchase? The VSHIPFREE has expired and I wanted to grab a couple little things before the Semi-Annual ends on 1/31.
  2. I don't think so. I rummaged for one over the weekend, and finally surrendered and paid the shipping cost.
  3. There is a free shipping and returns code but only if you order swimwear: SP89253. You can always return the swimwear for free.
  4. The only one I could get to work is SP89193 but with a $100 min purchase. PASS0208 is good for a free Very Sexy V string in pink only.
  5. This one works! SP89133

    I made a few different orders with this code, once it came up on my order but not in the total and I just called and they fixed it for me right away. It still works! I used it yesterday.

    Here is a code for $15 off $100, it can be used with the free shipping code too: SP89301.