Any Fred Flat fans?

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  1. Admiring from a distance, I like them, don't know if I could pull them off though.

    Has anyone tried them on?
  2. No, and I don't think I'm Fred fan either. How would you rock 'em tres?
  3. :thinking:

    I think I'm a fan. I like the idea of them anyway :smile:

    I'm waiting for the black metal to come into NAP. I'm going to try them with my Helmut Lang wool smoking pants as a low heel alternative to Bianca's, because smoking pants don't work with ballet flats.
  4. I've tried them, and love them! :love:
    They had Bone Patent on sale at Madison if anyone's in the market.
  5. I like them, but they are not my style. I think they would look great with skinny jeans and t-shirts. Lindsay Lohan has them and wears them quite often - a lot of pages but there are a couple of pictures of her wearing them in the celeb thread.
  6. i like them but i don't know what i would pair them with. i have a short haircut (think rihanna-ish) so i don't really know how i would feel about rocking the androgynous look since they are somewhat masculine.
  7. Nah, I'm not feeling them.
  8. Not a fan:shrugs:
  9. very cute but i have a hard time spending that much on flats...
  10. Any have the pics of Lindsay?

    How much were they on sale?
  11. not a fan :smile: I'd try and get my husband to wear them (Definitley won't wear anything designer) but then I'd question his sexuality LOL
  12. [​IMG]
  13. [​IMG]