any foundation that can cover redness on skin and wont oxidise?

  1. I am forever looking for a suitable foundation for my skin :sad:

    I have naturally flushed skin (redness on the cheeks around) and hate it cos I like a porcelain look ... is there any foundation that can cover the redness on skin? I use green corrector primer before and it doesnt work :p

    also my skin oxidise foundation quite badly and my face will look really dull by mid-day.

    I am also in my 30s and concerned about lines forming on my face :sad:((((((( so I am not to keen on using a foundation that is too drying

    will I ever be able to find a foundation that will give me a flawless looking face ????
  2. You can give these a try:
    Awake Exbright foundation (cream form - medium to full coverage; true to color)
    Paul and Joe primer and liquid foundation (nice and glowy, does not oxidize either; good staying power)
    Sisley liquid foundation (only a few shades available though)
    Chantecaille foundation stick (great coverage and staying power) or cream foundation

    None of these are too drying. And have you tried any mineral foundations? Those should work well in covering up redness also
  3. but will cream foundation be too oily for my skin? I am still quite ance prone at my age ....
  4. I have the same problem - rosacea is what the dermatologist told me.

    I've been using Amazing brand concealer under my foundation, and it seems to work better than anything else I've tried for covering the red.

    For foundation, I've been using Bare Escentuals. Seems like most liquid or cream foundations kind of bubble and separate on my skin after a few hours......

    I'd really recommend the Amazing concealer though - works great for me.
  5. I have pretty sensitive combo skin and it's quite similar to yours. I've been using Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation SPF 15 and this has worked the best for me and I've tried all different kinds of foundations (MAC, Nars, Prescriptives...). My skin has yellow undertones but I have some redness in my cheeks and some spots from zits and this foundation covers them beautifully because it has strong yellow undertones and medium-full coverage.

    I start out with a light moisturizer and then apply a primer (Bare Escentuals Prime Time) which helps to controll the oil on my face which is why foundations oxidize and turn an orangey/ashy color on me (especially MAC foundations). Plus, the primer helps to keep my foundation looking fresher longer. Then I apply the Moisture Rich foundation with a damp sponge and stipple it on. After that I use Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick as concealer to cover the harder to conceal spots and then I set the foundation/concealer with Nars Loose Powder.

    I've tried green correctors before and I've found that yellow based foundations and concealers work much better at covering redness.