Any forum members near RI, USA?

  1. Hi all,

    I was just wondering if there are any members that live near my state? I live in RI, USA. I see so many members from California, but none from the East Coast except for NY of course!!
  2. When I was in second and third grade I lived in Wakefield. My Dad taught for URI. I just love that area -- right on the beach! I love the Watch Hill area too, and Newport:smile: We still go up to visit occassionally -- from PA.
  3. I live in RI!!! PM me :smile:
  4. I pm'd you!!
  5. I'm outside of Boston...not RI - but close!
  6. I'm going home in a few weeks, and I live in MA- but like 20 min from RI.

  7. I live in MA. My youngest brother and his wife live in East Greenwich, RI.
  8. Cool!! It's nice to belong to a forum and be close to other members!!! That's awesome!! I love this forum!!!!!
  9. tr444, where in RI do you live? I know it's tiny, but there are still a few different towns:smile:
  10. I live in Johnston, RI, MandM. Before this, I lived in Smithfield for 2 years. Grew up in North Providence.
  11. I live in MA on the north shore.
  12. I live in MA, near RI
  13. Not RI, but close, New Bedford, MA
  14. Just catching this thread. I live in Warwick RI but went to Johnston High.
  15. I went to college there (Salve Regina University in Newport)! Does that count?