Any former GIRLS STATEr's out there?! :)

  1. Hi Ladies! I had the pleasure of being nominated to attend Girls State. I went down to MSU this past week, participating in the government stimulation. It was a lot of fun! The Axuliary Ladies kept stressing how great it looks on college apps.

    Has anyone participated in Girls State? Did it open any special opportunites for you?

    xoxo L.
  2. what is girls' state? Is it sort of like model legislature? I did that in high school -- quite a few years ago! -- and it was so much fun. We went to our captitol to meet with groups from all the other high schools to draft legislation and stuff. We all sat in the real state house and cast votes and stuff.

    I don't know that model leg in particular opened opportunities...but being generally active in local politics got me a paid internship with our state rep -- it was a great part-time job for two summers in college:smile:

    I'm sure it will look great on applications!
  3. my best friend did that in hs. our school councilor begged her to do it b/c NO ONE applied. she ended up having a blast, made some good friends/memories. she never paid attention to government/politics before and ended up being on student senate in college. :smile:
  4. Whoa... Boys/Girls state is a big deal, at least it is here in California. One boy and one girl from each school (not sure how many schools in the state participate) is selected to go to this. A pool of individuals are selected first but then they narrow it down to one for each gender after interviews. I got nominated for Boys State but couldn't make it. Oh well, but yeah, definitely good for the college application.
  5. MandM -- yes! it is like a model legislation, including city, county and state governments. and like InVisibOL said, I was selected to be a part of it. I'm really glad I decided to go.

    MandM -- how did you get your internship? and who is your rep?