Any Forest Green bags yet?

  1. I can't seem to find any AW07 Forest Green SGH bags pic? I'm thinking of ordering 1 but not sure if i'll like the particular shade of green.
    Anyone knows what it actually looks like? :confused1:
  2. I am at work but a parcel has arrived at my home. It may contain a Forest Green GSH City?
  3. I saw a City with RH at NM in Denver, and I almost fainted. It was one of the most beautiful greens I've ever seen. Looked like daaaaaaark deeeeeeeep version of Vert Gazon. It was sitting next to an 06 Sapin, and I can tell you the Forest Green was much lighter and greener.
  4. if anyone has pics, I really would love to see the pics.:graucho::nuts:
  5. Oh wow, I had totally forgotten about this color!!

    Hopefully they will start getting some in at NM so I can see them in person :tup:
  6. NM Austin has the new green in. Very pretty color.