Any Foreign Film Fans Out There?

  1. THey're my faves.

    Here's a short list:
    1. Amelie
    2. East-West
    3. Divided We Fall
    4. Gloomy Sunday
    5. Il Postino
    6. Mostly Martha
    7. Love Me If You Dare

    And many more whose titles escape me now. Maybe some of your favorites will be those I've forgotten.
  2. There're a lot of foreign movies that I like. Here are some off the top of my head (in no particular order):

    - Infernal Affairs (1st and 3rd one)
    - Hero
    - Green Snake (this one is old)
    - Momento Mori
    - Europa, Europa
    - La Cite des Enfants Perdus

  3. Koukanamiya, there are tons out there! I'm hoping this thread will help me to see more that I've missed.
  4. I have heard of the first one, guess now I will have to rent it!
  5. I loved Amelie too!

    Hmm... I've mostly watched Korean or HK movies in the past. Too many to list, but some that i can think of for now.

    Il Mare
    My Sassy Girl
    Oldboy/Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance/Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (Park Chan Wook films)--- warning, these films are violent/gruesome
    Joint Security Area
    The Host
    King and the Clown (aka The King's Man)
    Welcome to Dongmakgol
    Maundy Thursday (aka Our Happy Time)
    Untold Scandal

    *also looking forward to the release of Hwang Jin Yi sometime this year... I just finished the tv mini-series, and loved it. i don't think the production for the film is related, though.

    In the Mood for Love
    Shaolin Soccer
    Kung Fu Hustle
    Infernal Affairs
    Lost in Time
    Wait Till You're Older
    Hard Boiled
    A Better Tomorrow
    Chungking Express
    Once Upon in China films (there's at least 5...can't remember exactly, but the 2nd one is my favorite)

    *note: basically, i like anything with Tony Leung (amazing actor!), Stephen Chow, or films directed by Wong Kar-Wai
  6. I forgot one that I REALLY liked - Battle Royale.:yes:
  7. Foreign, like non US ? Count me in !
    I love Jean Pierre Jeunet´s movies too: Amelie, La Cité des Enfants Perdus,
    Lars Von Trier : Dancer in the Dark
    Pedro Almodovar : all his movies ! esp. "Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown" totally silly and genius !
  8. Oh! Some more ...

    - Good Bye Lenin! (German)
    - Nochnoy Dozor/Night Watch (Russian)
  9. ooh yes! I see that Night Watch and Good bye Lenin! is already mentioned and I love them both, and of course, there's Day Watch (got the DVD in Russia, don't think it's released outside Russia yet), and to do some advertising for my own country, I'll add Hawaii, Oslo as well.
    I have tonnes of other movies as well, but I can't remember which ones I have right now, but I'll add more if they come to mind!
  10. i love :
    delicateseen, city of the lost children by jeunet-caro
    amelie by jeunet
    films by wong kar wai
    films by tsai ming liang
    films by takashi miike
  11. I love-
    City of Lost Children
    Tout let Matins du Monde

    Has anyone seen Pan's Labyrinth yet?? It's absolutely incredible, the best film I've see in a long time. You must go see it!
  12. I love Asian Horror flims

    The Eye
    The Eye2
    The Ring 1 & 2 (Japanese versions)
    Dark Water (Japanese version)

    Europa Europa
    Vanilla Sky (Spanish Version)
  13. Gosh, you guys are so good about naming your favorites! I am still stumped over a few that I'd love to share with you but I still can't think of the titles. I've seen some good Korean ones too but again, no titles come to mind.

    Thank you for all the other contributions so that I can pick up the DVD. Please keep them coming!
  14. Cinema Paradiso
  15. I love Amélie!!