any first season Spy owners???

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  1. I'm curious whether anybody else on tPF still has a first season Spy. How is it holding up? Do you still love it?

    I bought my Cognac Spy in Spring 05, when the leather was smoother and lighter, as opposed to the heavier, textured, "turtle-y" leather that Fendi started using after that.

    I actually had a woman ask me if my Spy was fake, because it looks different from most Spy bags that are seen today. (Believe me, it's not fake. I was on a long waitlist at Fendi NYC to get mine!)

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  2. I don't have one, but I LOVE yours!!! What a bizarre and unknowledgeable comment you got about yours being fake:cursing: . Yours looks like a lovely vintagey Spy. the first season leather looks soooooo soft! On mine the bubblier parts of the leather also feel stiffer.
  3. Thanks Deco! The leather is soft, but I guess the problem was that it was too soft--there were quality issues with color fade, wear-and-tear, and that's why Fendi switched to the more-textured (and presumably more-durable) leather. I'm actually envious of the newer Spy bags... Kinda wish I waited to get mine. :shrugs: Maybe I'm being silly.
  4. when you said first season spy i was thinking about the huge version that was like 20" long that came out the first season..... do any of you own that one??
  5. Cosmopolitan, no you're not being silly, I have a cognac spy just like yours(but a little bit "bubblier" on the middle part...just a little bit,though hehe)...I had the same feeling like you,too...then I got the newer cognac also. Up until today I still end up with both and honestly I like the older leather better BUT I also like the turtley/bubbly looking spy(even though the newer spy that I got STILL not bubbly enough for me :shrugs:..oh well...). The thing is, a lot of people are mistaken...they thought if they're looking at a spy that are not bubbly then it's a fake and that is so NOT true. Like you said, first spies DO come smoother and the leather itself is softer than the new spies. I love yours and I definitely can tell that yours is authentic even though it's smooth :yes: Enjoy it in good health! :love:
  6. your spy has held up really well! no fading of your cognac!!
  7. I think your spy is lovely, I am sorry you got this hurtful comment, the women obviously does not know about spys. Totally agree with Olga, first spys are just as lovely in fact more so in a lot of ways, the new spys are quite hard. I bought a brand new Cognac from Selfridges, sent it back as did not like the leather, I do love the really bubbly ones, and although this one was a little bubbly it was also very hard from the treatment they give the new spys to stop them fading, I did not like it very much so now looking for an older version of the Cognac, super bubbly but worn in a little.
  8. Cosmo,
    Thanks for sharing your pic of your lovely cognac S/S 05 spy with us! I own a S/S 05 sequin spy, and the cognac portion of it also is smoother (only the sides have some texture and even that isn't nearly as textured as the later season spies). The woman who made the comment clearly had a very shallow understanding of how to authenticate spies... how sad.
  9. Thanks everyone, for your kind words and assurances...