Any Filipinos who are toki lovers out here?

  1. Anyone? Doesn't matter which country you're in, it would be nice to get to know each other! I'm from the Philippines and Tokis here are hard to come by so I usually buy abroad ;) And I think it's better this way so as I don't go overboard feeding my addiction:graucho:
  2. :sneaky: maybe... i think there's a few
  3. Flip Toki lover right here :smile:
  4. Flip Toki lover here in San Jose, CA
  5. i'm half filipino, half white from the bayy.
  6. American Born Filipina here too! :tup:
    Hey ashleyavocado! We're both in San Leandro?! Hi!
  7. Hi all! Toki loving Filipina here born and raised in Manila! :p Been in the U.S. for over 5 years now (recently moved from HI to VA)! :tup:
  8. Hello everyone!!! Glad to see that I'm not the only Filipina gone toki crazy here, hehehe!:yahoo:Care to share your collections? I'm still fairly new(and trying to stop myself), I have:
    Pirata: MM and BV
    AS: Ciao, Stellina, Caramella
    Foresta: Stellina and Ciao
    Playground Camo: Luna
    Inferno: Campeggio
    And I just ordered from SH: An AS Campeggio and a Pirata Ciao

    Still have a lot of prints to go, my goal is to have at least one bag in each print! Hope the budget allows it though... and I hope that hubby doesn't notice til I'm half way! LOLZ..........
  9. me too!!!
  10. Hi papillon! That's a nice collection you have there! Would love to see pics too! I don't have a picture of my complete "family" since some are still in transit from HI to VA (had to pick a few to bring in the suitcase!). Then I've already bought 2 bags and 1 denaro since I got here. :nuts: They're all listed in my sig.

    Where in the Philippines are you? :yes: Where are tokis available over there? I was there in March and didn't see much, although that was just before I became toki obsessed. :nogood:
  11. I'm Filipino American from the Bay!
  12. Hi twingirls, I live in Quezon City. There aren't much tokis here, they only have limited stuff in one department store, Rustan's, and they're overpriced! Not much to choose from though so I have never bought one from here. I bought my bags from SH, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore.:smile:
  13. I went to school in QC (ADMU) :tup:. Yeah, I figured there wouldn't be too much selection over there... unless it gets really popular... although that may just increase the amount and improve the quality of fakes. At least you'll always have a fun time shopping and hunting for tokis whenever you travel. :graucho:
  14. ^That's true! I get so excited when I'm about to travel, I never know what I'll find. And the price isn't bad, it's always retail. There are just too many fakes being sold here, it's frustrating! So you went to ADMU? I live near it.

    I'm on a world search for a Citta and Citta Rosa bag. It's so hard cuz I don't wanna pay over retail LOLZ!
  15. gosh, now i want some lumpia..