Any Fiction Writers here?

  1. I keep telling myself I need to start writing, and writing a novel would be my dream job. Are there any other fiction writers out there? Or aspiring fiction writers?

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on writing, getting published, what genre you do and how you started out.
  2. I used to write a lot of short stories and poetry but alas, my inspiration soon ran out. I really think it's because I "grew up" and got a 9-5 and looking back at my work, I totally cringe! Maybe this is the way my life is supposed to be..although it makes me sad sometimes at my lack of creativity...

    I did an undegrad degree in english and took a lot of creative writing courses so that's how I "honed" my skill, per say. Never been published in anything huge except student/university publications...but I definitely tried! I have many, many rejection letters - don't give up! Pick up one of those "writer's market" mags you can get a start there for contacts...
  3. I've been an "aspiring" author (as opposed to just a writer) for almost twenty years. I'm working on starting a local literary journal, but I've never been published in a book. I do admit, it's a dream of mine. Most of my fiction is in the speculative genre. I'm a big fan of Octavia Butler, Tananarive Due, and Nalo Hopkinson, but my style is nothing like theirs, it's all my own. I have drives full of stuff I've written! I was an literature major as an undergraduate student, and even now I read tons. Taking all those writing and lit courses did help, it gave me different perspectives.

    Good luck at your writing career. I've been writing "for fun" for so many years that I do it for the release these days, not necessarily with the express intent of getting published, although, it would be nice if I did...

    ...a lot of people are exploring self-publishing these days, but with that comes a ton of marketing and self-promotion. I would prefer to be published through traditional channels, of course, but if in twenty years I still haven't found a publisher and yet I still want to be an author, I might consider self-publication.
  4. I like writing poetry, but I've never been able to work my way through an entire novel. Here are some of my suggestions for writing:

    1) READ, a lot! Especially those authors who's style you enjoy. I find that after reading one style a lot my writing starts to take on the same characteristics. But make sure to branch out too though, often literature I don't like can still be inspiring.
    2) I carry a journal with me everywhere. Sometimes sentences will just pop into my head, so I write them down right away. Plus, you can make use of all your 'waiting' time at appts, stores, etc.
    3) Blog. Getting feedback helps fine tune your style, as well as define your audience.
    4) Don't make excuses! If this is something you're passionate about, don't let kids/chores/work get in the way. Even if it's just 10 minutes a day, write something.

    Good luck!

  5. YES! I am an aspiring writer. I want to do it so badly. I keep putting it off and it only makes me want it more. I have some idea that once I write it I'll get published and be a famous writer. I know that's not really true... But right now my hurdle is writing the book. Once I can get something written, then publishing will be a hurdle.

    Genre? Well I go back and forth on that, too!! I was thinking it would be "easy" to write mystery/drama type books (i.e james patterson, patricia cornwell) and I have a few ideas but I don't think this genre is my passion.
    I have also thought about sci-fi as I could take huge liberties with plot/scene/characters being that it's all make-believe. But again, this isn't my passion.

    Secretly I want to write a book that will be in the Oprah book club.. I want to change lives with my writing/insight. I know I have a lot to learn ..!
  6. ^^ OMG, my dream is to write a book and get it to be in the Oprah Book Club too! That's awesome!

    I've wanted to become a novelist since I was probably 14 years old. I've written little stories here and there. I'm still working on my first novel, but it's put on hold because I just graduated from college, need to pay off my tuition, and am searching for a 9-5 job to pay off the bills.

    I always write to vent my emotions, whether I'm happy or angry. I like to write about what I'm thinking, and then years later reread it again and laugh. I have journals from when I was in junior high, and it's funny to read how narrow-minded I was back then. But I definitely recommend to just write a little everyday, it'll help fine-tune your writing and you won't keep getting a writer's block. It's like learning to ride a bicycle, you have to keep practicing and trying. (I bring my laptop whenever I go to my BF's place. I keep all my writing on it, and I just write when I have time. I also keep a notebook in my purse, in case suddenly a thought or sentence will pop into my head. I'm always prepared.) :graucho:

    I'm a romantic at heart. My favorite authors are Julie Garwood, Julia Quinn, Judith McNaught, and Brenda Joyce. I've read almost every book of theirs and have reread my favorites over and over. I like to write romance/mystery stories, that'll probably be what my first novel is about.

    I don't have any advise regarding how to get started or getting published. But I've heard it VERY difficult to get your big break and get published. Just keep writing and keep trying, you'll receive tons of rejection letters.

    Good luck! :p
  7. I don't want to sound like I'm bragging but I have published 8 novels. I'm between contracts right now and figuring out where I want to take my career.

    I'd like to encourage all of you to keep writing, or to start writing if you have the urge.

    I don't have a lot of advice on how to get published -- every author I know has taken a different path. But we all sit down at the keyboard every day. That's the key.

    PM me if you have more questions.
  8. P.S. to Lunatwinkie -- Julie Garwood is one of the nicest human beings on the face of the planet.
  9. I am heading down the track to become a screenwriter. I feel like fiction is a totally different beast - and far far more intimidating to me. I think I am okay at prose, but the format for novels is more flexible, perhaps too flexible for me! I do much better with economy and brevity since my mind is trained to that. I do wish I had more confidence with fiction though. I'm never short on ideas for something.

    Good luck to everyone. I would love to read anything you guys have written, if you ever feel like sharing;)
  10. I actually was going to post a thread just like this one! (Thank goodness I did a topic search first) :p

    I'm going to start buckling down with my writing. I'm focusing on poetry more right now, only because I don't have enough time to start tackling the novel I've been laying out in my head for the past couple of years.

    I've got a good amount of poetry written, and they're in the process of peer editing on Urbis, and I'm currently looking to hire an editor to help me take them to the next level. Once that's done, it will all about the loooong process of mailing and receiving rejection letters. :p

    Eventually, if I don't have another child soon, I'll have more free time to really bash out my novel.

    In terms of genre, my poetry is all over the place, but my writing is predominately YA/Sci fi-fantasy.

    If you guys want help with peer editing, PM me!

    doreenjoy- it's so awesome that you've been published so much!!! You have my dream job. :smile: I hope you don't mind if I PM you to ask you about the process.
  11. I am a writing major, actually, and fiction is my real love when it comes to my writing. I am currently taking a poetry and nonfiction classes, though.

    My ultimate dream is to write a novel (and have it published). I have about 8,000 words of my novel written, and hope to spend this summer writing more of it. :tup:
  12. :ninja: closet fiction writer here!
  13. I used to dream about becoming an author too when I was a bit younger :p

    Now I've kind of lost all hope, but I still write short poems and prosy texts in my Livejournal every now and then, it's a great way to blow off some creative steam.
  14. I want to write and do the art for a graphic novel. As an undergrad, my advisor/mentor/second mother suggested it to me, and I was a little surprised. But now I realize that it's something that would suit me and I'd enjoy, having always written stories as scripts when I was younger, and these days I always incorporate a written element into my visual art.
  15. I am starting too, fiction, loosely based on my life experiences. Ive heard blogging helps to sharpen your wit. Any thoughts on that being useful?