Any Ferragamo's?

  1. i'm totally falling in love with Ferragamo's... i've searched for Ferragamo's and haven't found any threads...

    Here is my first and only purchase of SF and sadly to say its only a wallet :p


    next on my list... Giancio bag

  2. Have you seen the light colored ostrich bag that is currently in their ad's in Elle, Vogue etc?????

    I can't seem to find that handbag anywhere!

    Has anyone seen it??
  3. hbcoll07-11.jpg
  4. ooohhh... i like the middle one.
  5. I love ferragamo. From the jewerly. I only have one piece so far: a red vintage bag but I want a pair of the Carolyn sandals that would go great with the bag, the headband and the wide bangle bracelet:heart:
  6. i love the marisa shoulder's pic: [​IMG]
  7. DeeDeeDeLovely: beautiful color and vintage - nicee.

    Momo43: that bag is hot! looks kinda big though :hrmm:. lovely... Saks EGC sale next week... definately going to put it on my list to check out the bag ;).
  8. thats odd... i did a search on TPF and got back 0 results.
  9. Ferragamo bags are the ultimate in classic.
  10. YAY! Love Ferragamo...well, obviously. Now if I can only get my camera working.

    If anyone's interested, Ferragamo San Francisco is having a private sale on May 23rd. Just got the flier. 20% off all spring merchandise and 10% off any pre-fall. Champagne and refreshments to be served, natch.
  11. Would love to but kinda far for me :p

  12. The bags are fun... But the shoes are even better. So comfy.
  13. Your wallet is beautiful, congrats.
    I am a big fan of Ferragamo. Classic & timeless.

  14. Love going to the Ferragamo shop just to drool and touch the leather :nuts: ok have just realised what I've said - will get me hat n coat and book in for therapy!