Any Ferragamo lovers out there?

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  1. I'm looking into buying a smallish Ferragamo shoulder purse, mainly to use when I don't have to carry a lot of stuff. I was wondering about the quality, though... anybody have a Ferragamo that can attest to the quality?

    Also, I noticed in the "purse hierarchy" thread, Ferragamo wasn't even mentioned, and there's no subforum specifically for Ferragamo... is it a brand that's considered non-designer?
  2. i love ferragamo for that its not as "mainstream" to everyone, but still elegant and timeless! i say go for it! Here is pic of the ferragamo bag that im dying over, still havent been able to find it ANYwhere.... this photo was from a prior post by another PFer show us a pic of the bag u want!=)

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  3. Thanks for your response!

    Wow, the bag you're eyeing is beautiful! You can't find it in the stores?

    The bag I'm considering is really plain. It's just a simple, black rectangular shoulder bag with a magnetic snap closure. I like the fact that it's plain, and doesn't scream "Ferragamo". The only "Ferragamo" detail is the Ferragamo logo as hooks that connect the bag to the shoulder strap. It's seasonless, and I can see myself using it well into my old age, it's that classic (although some would call it "boring", but that's okay). :smile: I'll post a pic tomorrow, hopefully.
  4. I think Feragamo makes beautiful, classic bags. Love to look at the NM and Saks web pages. My wish list keeps growing....
  5. :heart: I like Ferragamo as well and have been eyeing a few of them at my local Nordies. :yes:
  6. I like ferragamo.
  7. I:heart: Ferragamo. The bags, shoes, other accessories. So girly:love: . I have a vintage red bag that I rarely use because I want to keep it in good condition.
  8. The Ferragamo Gancio replaced the Jimmy Choo Ramona as the bag I'm saving up for Xmas for.

    I think it's beautiful, elegant, understated and not trendy. It's definitely a brand that is timeless. :yes:
  9. I love Ferragamo..I have one, i really like to wear most of the time :heart:
    It's similar to this but a little bit smaller
    I want to post pics of it But my camera doesn't work :sweatdrop:
  10. You CANNOT go wrong with Ferragamo. I have 3, am planning to get a 4th, and would love a whole closet full. They are so classy and are GREAT quality. One of my bags is vintage and it looks almost new. Another is a few years old and still looks mint. And I especially love that Ferragamo is trendy without being the latest "it" bag producer, meaning that there won't be fakes all over Manhattan!
  11. Here's the one I've been eyeing... I like that it's plain, but has the discreet Ferragamo logo as the hooks between the body and the strap... see it? There is a flap that has a magnetic closure. It seems that the back looks the same as the front.

    It's definitely structured and conservative, but imo it's a breath of fresh air among all the big, squishy bags out there these days... and it's small enough to put inside of a larger bag if needed. Your thoughts?

  12. Mangowife, what a nice design in that photo! I love Ferragamo, I don't own one yet but I am saving up for a Ferragamo Marisa.
  13. I like Ferragamo as well. There are tons of clean designs that don't scream Ferragamo as well as some of the crazy prints that are distinctly Ferragamo. You can't go wrong with a classic one like the black bag you're looking at.
  14. I love Ferragamo. My last handbag purchase was a "Marisa" bag in black - I've been carrying it for two weeks and am absolutely in love with it!
  15. Bloomingdale's has many Ferragamo bags for 30% right now. It was excluded from the private sale but I guess they decided to put some on sale after all.