Any Fendi catalogues or contact numbers?

  1. Hi _ I bought a Fendi purse which is unusual, but also seems very authentic -- lots of details, difficult handiwork, beautiful leather and stitching; plus serial number, hologram, card and hardware all seem authentic.

    I've only found it on this one website: Yahoo!©_¼¯Áʪ«¤¤¤ß:ºë«~,°ê»Úºë«~¤jµó,FENDI, FENDI- 05¬î¥V·s´ÚFF logoÂù¤Q¦rµ³¥¬¥]

    Is there anyway I can find out what season the bag is, and what it is named? i think I saw Jessica Simpson with a similar bag, but I would like to know more. I think it is from 2006.