Any fellow tPFers watching the Lunar Eclipse?

  1. I'm in Germany and the sky just started to clear up so that I'm hoping to get a good view :nuts:

    Anyone else (across Europe) seeing it? :p
  2. I heard the moon will appear red? Im in California, USA. Its supposed to happen around 9 pm - midnight.
  3. Here's a little Wiki information about it:

    Lunar eclipse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    During the total eclipse time the moon will indeed seem red ... very weird :shame: ... I've seen that a couple of years ago in the south of spain
  4. OMG thanks for reminding me!! I totally forgot, what a dummy!!!
    Yes watching here now half eclipsed, taking pics!!
  5. [​IMG]
  6. View from my sleeping room window @ 22:55:

    lol, I'm no pro when it comes to pics, sorry, but I hope you get the idea :shame:

  7. Didn't mean to hijack your thread Kittie, just so excited to see it now, we are way ahead of you.
    22.11pm here!

  8. lol, no problem :flowers: It's fun to experience it together :p

    My SO is somewhere out there on the hunt for the perfect spot to watch it (he's really into astronomy and just got himself a new telescope), but I decided to stay in because it's just sooooo cold here and I don't feel like standing on a frozen field in the middle of the nights for hours when I can see it from my window :sweatdrop:
  9. Awww it's really clear here, I will take pics
    Yes fun to watch together :yahoo:

  10. Gorgeous day here today but chilly now, glad I'm inside also :smile:

    Just called my son, couldn't find the binoculars. "They're broken, mum" he said GGRRRRRR!!!
  11. lucky you, it's all black here, you can't even tell where the moon should be, no light is coming through those darn clouds :yucky:

    oh well, maybe it will clear up again in a couple of minutes :shame:
  12. Hope it clears for you! We're nearly there.
    My camera sucks, not capturing the red at all :sad:
  13. [​IMG]
  14. that's cool :nuts:

    my only change is the webcast right now :sad: the pictures from Belgium are really red now