Any feedback re the Patchwork Ines?

  1. Forgive me if this topic has already been covered. As you are probably aware, the search function is not currently available.

    Yesterday, I was at Nordstrom and tried on the Patchwork Ines in a gorgeous shade of bright red (I don't know the proper name of the color). I was just mesmerized by how luxurious the leather felt and by the color. It's also a perfect size for me.

    Does anyone have good or bad things to say about the Ines?

    My budget requires me to be really picky about buying designer bags. I'm limited to only 1-2 / year.

    Many thanks!
  2. I have the patchwork Ines in peanut and love it. It's a very classy bag! Personally I thought the cherry tart was a bit too bright for my taste but if it works in your wardrobe then you should definitely go for it!! Good luck with your decision! :flowers: Oh and here's another thread you might want to check out:

    *pics* I´m new here - And I got my first Marc Jacobs bag :smile:
  3. Cherry Tart - what a beautiful name for a beautiful color. Thanks for the insight and the link to the other thread.
  4. ^ isn't it a great name? every time i read it or hear it, makes me hungry for pie! :p

    i really like the ines. i think it's a gorgeous bag especially in the peanut. when i saw pictures of christina aguilera carrying it, it made me want one. sadly, it's a little to small for me. i say go for it and post lots and lots of pictures!
  5. I think that red is gorgeous. The Ines is a very classy bag. Christina Aguilera carries one frequently.
  6. I love the bag!! I say go for it!! It really is classy!!
  7. I have the cherrytart Ines and I love it. It holds a lot of things including a couple of diapers, two packs of wipes, a change of clothes and a small water bottle for my two year old including my other stuff such as wallet, compact power, lipstick, keys and mobile phone. I love the fire engine red and it looks great with many things from tees and jeans to dresses and smart casual outfits. I think it looks best with anything in black, white, beige and denim.
  8. Thanks, Splendid. Those are great ideas and good perspective on the size.