Any feedback on Organic Giraffe Scarves???

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  1. Hey Gang!

    I just saw these really cool Organic Giraffe scarves on & they look pretty cool IMO & very different from LQ scarves (I :heart: LQ too!) However I am looking to spice things up a bit & this scarf might be the ONE, plus it does not look like it will shed/pile up like the LQ scarves do at times.

    Please let me know if you have an Organic Giraffe scarf & what do you think about it :confused1: The price is not too bad either, only $82.00 & the GREY color looks HOTT! :tup:

    TIA :yahoo:
  2. It's okay. It looks more trendy though.
  3. Thanks for your quick feedback Tres :tup: Hopefully some other folks will share their feedback too :yes:

    My hair is in Locs, so I need scarves that will not shed or get caught up in my Locs with the little lint balls, so that's why I got my eye on this one.
  4. Oh, I love those! Esp. the gray and white. I think the stripes really do it for me.
  5. Oh, they look nice! I don't think it would be considered trendy - stripes have been around a long time. The grey is very pretty!
  6. i bought 2 and i LOVE THEM!!!!!!!! they are super comfy and feel great on your skin, can go from day to night, and i constantly get complimented on them, they don't look like any other scarves i've seen. not trendy, but definitely fashionable. and i think the grey is a-mazing!
  7. I LOVE The look!!
  8. maybe not in the different shade purples or the pinks, but black, white, blue are Hott
  9. Oh wee! Thanks gang for your wonderful feedback...I am getting closer & closer to making a purchase :tup:

    If anyone else has feedback...please share :yahoo:
  10. Don't do the red - I love red and all, but it kinda looks like she took a picnic blanket/tablecloth and wrapped it around her neck. I could never pull a mobile picnic off, I run into walls when I try to eat and move...

    That gray is really nice, though. :heart:
  11. Thanks for your feedback Bandersox...ITA! You really got me :roflmfao:
  12. Those are gorgeous, and absolutely not trendy at all. Stripes are always in style, so they will be "trendy" for the next gazillion years...haha.
  13. I bought one from shopbop a couple of months ago and saw them in Lucky this month. May buy another one. I like the grey too.
  14. ok...grey stripe or solid purple? I am torn... :confused1: I want another one.
  15. Hi gang, I just bought the solid gray and I looooooove it!