Any Fascinante owners out there?

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  1. Please share your thoughts and pics if you have them! I'm obsessed with it lately and am wondering how its working for you :smile:
  2. I just wanted to bump this thread because I'm exactly in the same boat as you. Leather looks so luxurious and subtle, and the style seems versatile to function as both a day and night bag!
  3. Would like to see too. I feel this bag can slouch too much and therefore have an awkward appearance as she ages. What you all think?

  4. Hmmmm . . . Are you obsessed with this bag or are you obsessed with the flap style? Keep your eye on the prize beautiful lady!
  5. I saw a lady carrying one while I was shopping. She was right next to me. It looked full and still looked great! I was impressed with how it looked being carried because it doesn't not look like much empty and flat in the store. I liked it!
  6. Both I think haha! I bought the emp speedy so that I could have a cross body bag and the buckles on the strap keep pulling my hair. I like the bag a lot but haven't been using it cross body which is what I felt I really needed. I am tossing around the idea of getting the fascinante instead but you're absolutely right, it looks a lot like the chanel I'm hoping to get! I don't know girl. I don't know what the heck I'm doing. I'm not super stoked on the speedy but love the empriente leather so I'm hoping this is the answer! Totally confused :cray: I ordered it so I can compare the two and see what works best for me.
  7. That's funny that you say that! I have a real hard time wearing my chanel boy bag crossbody for the same reason. I lose hair every time. Ouch!! It gets caught in the strap. I haven't tried to wear my jumbo flap crossbody yet but I'm hoping it won't be a problem.
  8. I've been wanting this one for a long time, as well, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. Would also love to hear experiences and see pics!
  9. Oh shoot! The jumbo is my next purchase. I hope it doesn't pull my hair! Isn't it funny how much we will put up with for these purses? If I receive the fascinante and it doesn't work out, I will probably consider keeping the speedy and just not wearing it cross body. For the amount of money we spend these bags should be absolutely perfect but somehow I deal with the imperfections and keep buying more!!! I guess we'll just have to get haircuts, its the only logical thing to do ;)
  10. I ordered the black one and tracking says I should get it next thursday. I'll post what fits and some mod shots on this thread because it doesn't seem like we're going to get many answers here!
  11. Ooh! I hope it works for you! Might as well get it before the increase because u might love it!
    And u are right about what we go through for our bags!! I never ever thought my hair could get pulled out by a strap and found that out the hard way just two weekends ago with that boy bag! I won't be cutting my hair anytime soon so it just won't be a crossbody bag for me! Lol!
    I love my emp speedy but I bought that solely to use as a handle bag so that works well for me.
    Can't wait to see pictures!
  12. The bag is gorgeous but the buckle, for some reason I find bothersome. Maybe I just don't know how to properly open and close it? And this is coming from someone that has the Stresa lol.
  13. I just picked up the black fascinante and I'm really loving it. They changed the strap design and the strap actually can come completely off so you don't have to stuff the strap inside the bag if you want to carry it as a clutch. I just played with it a little but in the store and I thought it was a great size for essentials. I'll try to take pics this weekend to show you. I first saw it in person on Tuesday when I went to pick up my mon mono NF and I fell in love. I really like how you can wear it as a clutch, shoulder bag and cross body. I just got the speedy b 25 in infini at the end of December and it took me awhile to finally decide to keep her...
  14. Oh that would be so great if you could show us! I love all the different strap options too, love the versatility!
  15. My husband bought me the Bronze for Valentine's Day. I had wanted it because I love that it would be a great bag to travel with. It will pack easily into a larger bag and hold the essentials I will carry. The Bronze (and the Black!) are great neutrals that will go with everything. But, to be honest since I have not had it long, I have not had the chance to carry yet. I did carry it around the house all ways to be sure I wanted to keep it and it seems to work beautifully! I didn't know they changed the strap design so that was a happy surprise. It's a really clever design. You will have to let us know what you think when yours gets here.