any fans of "twin peaks" the series?

  1. i really like this series, abut i've only seen season 1.
    and i'm trying to get a copy of the season 2, but maybe it'll not till a few months from now.

    anybody have seen the season2 show? and can tell me what's going on?
    thanks :yes:
  2. I looove that show! I've been waiting for season 2 to come out too. I know a place where you can get it. PM me if you would want that!

    I don't wanna spoil it if you can watch it! But I will if you insist :smile:
  3. Hey everyone, I have read lots about this show but I so wanna watch it but on Ebay its like $50 :sad:. It looks very good though...its between desperate housewives and the stepford wives.
  4. It was filmed in the area just to the east of me. I loved that show when it was on!
  5. That was the best show on TV when it was on. I watched it religiously. I think almost every TV show nowadays is trying to be innovative and "weird" like TP was. Don't think any show on TV will ever come up with characters like those. I was totally in love with Kyle M. back then. Oh don't even get me started. I'm panting already.:love:

    IMO 'who killed Laura Palmer?' was always a much more interesting question than 'who shot J.R.?'
  6. OMG, this is my favorite show!!! After watching this show i got so intrested in all David Lynch's movies, that i now own every movie. I am still waiting for official release of season 2, i cant believe they are taking that long to bring it out, but i' ll be patient :smile:
    Seahorseinstrips - i would suggest you watch the whole thing yourself, dont want to spoil it for you. I would also suggest watching
    Fire Walk With ME, but only AFTER you watched the whole series!!!
  7. fire walk with me is the big screen version of twin peaks right?
    oooh, i haven't seen it.
    do i have to watch the season 1 or 2 first, or season 1 can do?
  8. I watched this show religiously when it first came out - like late 80's or early 90's. It struck terror in me the likes of which I have never felt before or since. To this day, I only have to picture that giant standing silently in Kyle Maclaughlan's hotel room while he slept, and I am immobilized with fear!!! An the dancing midget who talked backwards... ohmigod, I don't know what it was about that show it was waaaaay wicked and strange and scary!!!!
  9. is the midget also starred in "carnivale" series too as samson, the circus leader? i also liked that series. it got twin peaks vibe :P
  10. I'm drawn to David Lynch's movies. I used to love watching Twin Peaks... the characters were great. I still remember the log lady.
  11. My husband has all of the twin peaks and we watch it start to finish from time to time. It will always be great. I think we will have to bring it back out soon and watch it again.
  12. "Fire walk with me" is about the last 7 days of Laura Palmer. Her last week alive. I would only suggest watching it AFTER you've seen the whole show!! It gives out a lot of secrets:smile:
  13. thank you svetty...
    i can't wait to see the whole series & the movie :P
  14. i'm a big fan as well as the movie ! :drool:
  15. I know that this thread is old, but since the 2nd Season is finally out, has anyone gotten it yet? I just ordered it and can't wait to seee this whole show again!!:smile: