Any fans of the Emile?

  1. the first two are smalls and the last one is large
  2. Thanks! I think I'll go for the looks more like a medium.
  3. I have the large Emile in dove grey with rose gold hardware like Gwenth Paltrow and love it!!! It definitely is a bit heavy after you add all of your belongings but it can carry everything you would ever need (Ipad included). I have gotten tons of compliments! happy shopping:biggrin:
  4. just got my small parchment nickel hardware from Shopbop.
    image-850883669.jpg image-1751110730.jpg
  5. ^^ Gorgeous!!!
  6. thanks pink tulip. i'd been using her all week and didn't give the roccos enough quality time.
  7. The large Emile in toffee is on sale at Forward by Elyse Walker for $683!
  8. I saw that too and took advantage of it earlier today!! I fell in love with all the Emiles in this thread that I decided to take the plunge. It even has rose gold hardware! I'm on the same rose gold kick everyone and their mother is on. I hope I love it...I bought a Citrus Rocco from Saks and was really disappointed with the shade of yellow... it wasn't as vivid or marigold as I had hoped.

    I'm a little worried I might be too short for a large Emile. I'm 5'5" maybe 5'5.5" on a great day..hope it works!
  9. You must post a picture when it comes! :smile:
  10. Of course!!!! I want wait!
  11. On my phone-- I meant I can't wait!!! Stupid autocorrect.
  12. haha, i always say that too.

    i can't wait to see yours..congrats.

    i think with your height you will be ok. you got an extra 5" on me so i'm sure it should be fine.
  13. Kirna Zabete has the large toffee Emile on sale also if anyone missed out on the Forward sale!