Any fans of the Emile?

  1. How tall are you, if you don't mind me asking? I actually think the size looks just right on you. I agree that the all leather one will look better with the metal. I am holding out for a small dove grey. Thanks for posting the pix!

  2. I'm 5'6"ish, US size 6-8. I think the size is fine in general, but I like larger bags and I think the large in leather will slouch more nicely for me...HTH!:smile:
    I'd also love the Dove Grey, sooooo pretty!
  3. I think the size looks great on you, but I'm not a fan of the burlap.
  4. I just discovered this bag today, it is gorgeous! A large in black or gray is definitely on my wish list. Would love to see more modelling pictures. :heart:
  5. Hi i'm new to the forum and i've been wanting this particular bag but black leather and the large size lol but still deciding.
  6. Hay guys i'm so into the emile lately, I was wondering if anyone had purchased the small or large emile, is there a big difference between the two?

    Plz help
  7. Does anyone know if she's carrying the large or small emile?
  8. I believe it's a large. I've been wanting a small in that color ever since I saw the pictures of GP carrying the large. I haven't seen any modeling pix from fellow tPFers with a small leather emile yet.
  9. Yea no much pic on this bag, I remember seeing one model pic with the large emile on this site but I can't find it anymore, I'm just scared the large would be too big. They have the small leather emile at Shopbop, you should check it out.
  10. Gwyneth's is definitely the large.
  11. I took a fancy to the Emile Tote overnight! Saw it on last night and couldn't stop thinking about it. I'm quite petite so it'll have to be the small Emile but I'm torn between the Burlap and the All-leather.

    The Burlap is on sale at the moment on so that is swaying my decision a bit. But in truth, would the all-leather be a better buy? It's going to be my first AW!

    Btw, for those of you who have the Emile, can you also let me know the weight of the bag... I'm quite weary of bags that are heavy even before you put anything in them ; (

    Thanks!!! :smile:
  12. I personally would get the leather version. The Burlap version is nice, but it's a bit too busy with so many different colors/textiles going on and I think the leather will be more versatile in the long run. I had a small Burlap and returned it. I did not find it to be noticeably heavy either. HTH!

    I remember recently seeing the all leather version on sale some where, so look in the deals/steals thread and search the net well before you buy! :smile: If I come across it I will let you know as well!
  13. @PlaceboGiraffe THX for the modelling pic, is your fd's emile a large or small?

  14. Hi, thanks for the insight! I'll think about it some more and yes, please do let me know if you see a good deal online for the Emile (dove gray, black). No AW here in the shops (I'm in Singapore) so depending on AW aficionados online ;)
  15. Emile tote is LOVE. I just got mine in black with silver hardware and it's SO STYLISH. Bit on the heavy side, and the pebbled texture seems like it can get dirty easily, but it looks amazing~ Will post pics later~