Any fans of the Clean fragrance line?

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  1. I was just watching HSN and they had Clean Ultimate on some special today only. I've never smelled any of the CLean fragrances IRL but from the way it was described it sounds like something I would like. I know that might sound weird but anyway, I was wondering if anyone used it and if they liked it or not. I went ahead and ordered it because I can return it if I don't like it, and I know the only way to know for sure is to try it on me, just wondered if there was any Clean lovers out there!
  2. I love Clean! I saw it on HSN tonight too---damn strike! I'm not currently using it but I have had the original Clean and the Clean Ultimate. To me Clean is a very *clean* citrusy scent. Ultimate had more depth and a strong bergamont scent. I prefered original Clean to the ultimate.
  3. I LOVE the Clean fragrances!! I started out wearing the regular Clean and then switched to Clean Provence. They are just that, very clean smelling and fresh. Not too heavy or floral or musky. My only complaint was that I felt like it didn't last all day, but I never tried layering the fragrance by using the lotion and the perfume. I always got a TON of compliments when I wore this perfume. I actually need to get a new bottle since my last one got knocked off my bathroom counter and broke.
  4. I'm kinda nervous about ordering it without ever smelling it, but, oh well. I can always send it back. I'm just looking for a nice, light everyday scent. I really hope I like it. It sounds dumb but I THINK I will like it, lol.
  5. I had the regular Clean scent and I really loved it. The down side is that the scent did not last long and I kept spraying on some more!

    I stopped using it two years ago, because I got bored with the scent and switched to Chanel. I may go back to Kai, which is another scent that is light, floral and not too overpowering and you could almost compare it to Clean with only the aspect of it's fresh scent.

    I only got positive compliments for females on Cool Water for Women. This scent is fresh also but with a touch of ocean or a soap bar scent.