Any Fans of the Cartier Marcello bag

  1. I did a search on this bag and there has been nothing new since the summer.
    I was wondering if any of you are fans of this bag - and would like to know your favourite color. I like the Petrol Blue one in MM but have seen the large one in black on pics of Julianne Moore and Hillary Duff which is gorgeous. :love:
  2. I've seen this bag on some celebrities. I like it. I'd get in brown though. But the one Hilary Duff was carrying was also gorgeous! I can't remember if it's the brown shade I like though.
  3. tuna lala - the tan one is also so beautiful. I think that's the one you're referring to?
  4. It's very nice bag. Apparently you can have them custom made. You pick the material (besides leather, there are exotics, I can't remember which), colours, and hardware.
  5. i have the burgandy in the medium size with the dark gunmetal hardware, its a nice roomy bag for everyday use, but i found that it scratches easily,
    any remedies for that ?, please do let me know.
  6. The only one I have seen in person was in red patent with gold hardware, the shape of the bag is nice but the patent leather they use has far too much shine so much so that it looks like vinyl. In a regular leather or some other skin I bet it would be a great bag.
  7. I have the burgundy medium as well and love it!!
  8. can someone post a pic?
  9. Voofy/wendyg40 - your burgandy bags sound beautiful. Can you post pics of your bags/or modelling pics? TIA.
  10. kaban, yes I think it is.
  11. i think it's beautiful!
  12. I am a shoulder bag person so I would never buy a bag like this but it is pretty!!
  13. I just got one for my birthday and absolutely love it. I have it in a black medium. I was amazed at how light it really it. LOVE IT!!!!
  14. it looks gorgeous!! I debated on getting one over the holidays but then ended up getting a BE instead.. :I Have a magazine pull-out of it in my pile though. i love looking at it.
  15. I have a large one in black leather. I really love it. It looks classy and very roomy.
    Here's a pic. I took it to the national day celebration, which explains the flag colors.