Any familiar with Urban Outfitters Sabina?

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  1. This is a backordered Urban Outfitters Sabina Convertable bag in Purple. I love it! Does anyone have one of these bags? I have seen it referenced in other threads, but noone mentions having this particular bag. I can't tell if it's heavy or not with all that hardware. Any help is much appreciated.

  2. I would like to hear more about it as well. I ordered it about 3 weeks ago and am expecting it next month. I'm very excited to get it! :yahoo:
  3. I emailed UO about the weight and the leathr quality but never got a reply back. I'm interested to know as well. Please post a review when you get yours.
  4. I haven't seen this bag in particular, but in the photo it's gorgeous! I've seen other Sabina bags IRL and they have wonderful, lightweight leather! Congrats to everyone expecting one! Definitely post modeling pics!