any fall Edith sightings in NYC ???

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  1. Hi Gals: I'm new to this sub-forum, so please forgive if this topic has been covered. I saw all the fall Edith pics posted by beauxgoris, and I was wondering if the new colors have arrrived at Chloe in NYC?
  2. According to the Bergdorf Goodman website that is preselling the new Ediths, they are not due to arrive in store until July 31. I don't know if that also means at the Chloe store as well, but at least at the BG store in NYC it does. Hope that helps! (I just ordered a red one to add to my collection!)
  3. i've seen the ediths at Neiman Marcus in Westchester, NY and Saks in Greenwich, CT about two months ago....
  4. You saw the new fall colors two months ago?
  5. I did not see on the BG website where they are preselling Ediths.

    Jill D.C., are you going to NYC soon. Give us the list on Ediths.
  6. I think LVR has pre-order fall Ediths.
  7. I want a medium Edith in the new color, the darker brown. I did not see it.