Any Fall 2012 Sale Info yet?

  1. Happy Thankgiving to everyone! Any intel on sale shoes?
  2. None seems like it gets later every year :sad:
    Mid December is probably when we start to hear
  3. What about bags? What is the sale selection usually like? Do classic flaps go on sale? Thanks ladies!
  4. Just received my invitation today:

    Private Sale
    December 12-13
    Fall-Winter 2012

    Selected Merchandise
  5. is that for bag??
  6. Was this invite for Saks or Neimans?
  7. No, the invite for the December 12-13 Private Sale is at Chanel boutiques.
  8. Neiman should be around second markdown which is Dec 15 weekend?
  9. Do you have to be a VIP customer to buy from the private sale? Can you just say you have knowledge of it, or does it depend on the SA too?
  10. Hi Nani, I've never heard of a classic flap going on sale, but I do occasionally see seasonal bag go on sale at department stores. As for the boutiques I tend to find Jewelry, shoes and RTW items. HTH.
  11. I got the invitation too. Hopefully there will be more selections from the handbag department. Anyone with Intel??
  12. I called my SA at Tysons galleria in va and she said she has no idea which items will be on sale since they have not gotten the list yet. She said she will call me on thursday and let me know. Also she told me the new policy is to not send pictures too.
  13. Sale will include RTW, shoes, and seasonal jewelry. Discount is 40%. Private sale starts on the 12th; public sale on the 14th.
  14. Do shoes & jewelry go on sale or just clothes?
  15. is this at the boutiques or department store?