Any Fall 08 Brooch or earrings left? anything?

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  1. So far i've had no luck in a couple of the stores and i feel like they don't want to help me track them down either... anyone seen anything?:sweatdrop:
  2. Mmm, exactly what are you looking for?
  3. I liked the pearl necklace with different charms on it
    and almost all of the pretty brooches that many of the tpfers bought with purple and red colors :smile:
  4. Oh, ok. Not sure which necklace you're referring to as most necklaces have pearls and lots of charms! LOL! If you can post a picture then that might be helpful.

    As for the brooch, it's from the Le Duchesse collection and style no. is A40646 Y02178 Z0130. Have you tried Nordstrom or Bloomies? If all else fails, Chanel boutique?
  5. Miffy thanks so much for the code!:yahoo:
    I think i'm going to call around today and tomorrow to see if they can help me with locating some of this stuff.. NYC doesn't have any nordstroms but I think i'm gonna do the rounds of calling :smile:
    hopefully i'll find something
  6. You don't have to call just NYC, do you? I bought a brooch from Chanel Soho. They didn't have the colour I was looking for and an extremely nice SA just ordered one for me from out of state after checking that a few were available elsewhere.
  7. Yeah i'm still debating Fall or the Spring/Summer pearl necklace.. or maybe both.. sigh i gotta do more digging and thinking!! but yeah i assume someone can probably track it down if it's in the boutique system.. I called a couple of department stores and they have like two brooches left or something like that.
    more thinking!
  8. For the brooches, I wouldn't spend too long thinking about it because from what I could gather on this site, the new brooches from the pre-fall collection are not going to be in the same price bracket as the 08A one. They are likely to be a lot more expensive. So buy them on the "cheap" while you can...! :devil: