Any eye cream that can be used AFTER the make up???

  1. I am looking for eye cream that I can used over the make up.

    I realise whenever I touch up my make up by mid-day, the fine lines under my eyes will be very obvious :sad:( ... is there a eye cream that can be used over make up to hydrate the undereye areas without ruining the make up??
  2. I can't imagine such a product:shrugs:
  3. i doubt this exists. your makeup is probably settling into your fine lines, try using a primer (i hear smashbox has a good one) before you put your foundation on in the morning.
  4. try using Neutrogena healthy skin eye cream it helps to reduce fine lines.... im not sure if it will ruin your makeup or not so just use it before you go to sleep... it costs like $20 hope i helped
  5. there's no eyecream to use after makeup. your eye area has little pores so the eyecream wont absorb after makeup. i suggest you use ysl touche eclat for your undereye circles. it won't cake and stays through the day.
  6. There is one: it's from Kanebo and it's called "Sensai Silk Moisture Supply Eye Cream" and during the day is supposed to be applied over the make up.
    Actually, it's step 3: you have a Softening Lotion, then an Emulsion and then, after your make up, the aforementioned cream.
  7. This is what I do when I have to touchup. before touching up, I mix some of my clinque liquid bronzer with some mosturizer put them under my eyes, then apply some makeup or you can try some tinted mosturizer.
  8. There is indeed a hydrating eye cream made specifically for over makeup. It's by Clinique and is called Moisture Surge Extra.
  9. thanks for all the replies!!

    I have since went to do some reserach and found out that SK2, Paul & Joe, Mary Quant also have creams that can be used on the undereye areas after make up ... oh Anna Sui also has one launched recently!!!