Any experts on YSL tassel Kate please chime in!

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  1. #1 Jul 3, 2018
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    Hi all, would like to purchase my first YSL Kate bag with tassel in medium! I have a question on why the croc prints differ on each bag. Some of the croc prints look so large(2nd pic) while others look smaller (1st pic) especially towards the edges of the bag. Yet, the measurements for the bags are the same.

    Is this normal due to the design of the bag or are they different bags (eg. Cassandre which from my limited research is Kate v2 vs Kate) ?!

    Thanks for chiming in and any input will be appreciated!!
    Screenshot_20180703-233255~2.png Screenshot_20180703-233214~2.png
  2. Matte and shiny croc finishes of the kate have different pattern sizing
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    Thanks for replying! But I have also seen bags with matte finishes with smaller croc prints. Was looking at heyyyjune's ysl bag and she mentioned hers had a matte finish:smile:
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  4. more pics from heyyyjune! thanks!
  5. Are the current medium Kates in the stamped croc shiny (like patent) or matte?