Any experiences with the YSL croco tribute bag? very underwhelmed . .

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  1. with the YSL black patent croco bag I received today. I had initially seen the tribute bag at my local saks and drooled over it but never actually tried it on or felt it for long. So I saw it pop up one morning on Bergdorf Goodman for $628 and snatched it. For a $1395 bag ...i'd say its a pretty good deal. However, upon receiving it today, I am very underwhelmed by it. Since it's the medium size it's not very big, although the size isn't bad just a bit smaller than what i'm use too. (I was looking for a smaller bag for everyday use though so i did initially want the medium bc I felt the large would be too big) (measurements are 17 x 18 on most websties) but the size isn't really the main issue. I thought the tribute was meant to be a shoulder bag? or is it meant to be a tote? it fits over my shoulder but not comfortably, especially b/c of the double strap. Also the bag is SO light. I don't know maybe i'm use to heavier bags? (chloe, marc jacobs) but it almost feels flimsy to me. maybe it's just a big change from the usual bags I carry? it's also very flat IRL. When i put stuff in it, it definitely looks better and doesn't bulge out in a strange way but w/ out much in it, it looks very very flat and stiff. So my question is, what are your personal thoughts on the YSL tribute? I feel like it might just be a question of getting use to a new type of bag for me . . but am unsure still. I do like the look when i carry it like a tote, and even when it stays put on my shoulder but not sure if i *love* it. yet, at least. I'd love to hear your opinions on the matter or the tribute in general? does the patent leather soften at all? Sorry so long! Thanks!
  2. I never bought a Tribute because, for ME, the medium is too small and the large too large.
    That said, I love the lightweight aspect of it and YSL patent is the BEST!
  3. Same for me. I need the Goldilocks version of the Tribute that is "just right" LOL!
  4. I got a large croco patent Tribute recently and I really love it. I'm 5'9" + skinny and I feel it's a pretty good size given my stature and it fits over my shoulder comfortably. Maybe the large has a larger drop or maybe my shoulder is grippy :P Anyway, I don't feel as though it's flimsy so far; I've only been using it for a couple weeks now though. From what I've read in other threads found in search, the patent leather will not soften for you.

    I just really like the bag, I feel like I can sling it over my shoulder and go, and it stays put nicely while I'm shopping and stuff. And then I don't have to worry about being careful with it, the patent wipes clean so easily and the textured patent doesn't show fingerprints unless you really mash your finger on there.

    But yeah, you definitely don't want to regret keeping a bag you end up not enjoying much. If it's not comfy on your shoulder, I think that would be a deal breaker for me unless its design or apprearance is that worth it to you. I felt the medium size was too small for me personally even though I did also choose the medium Muse Two over the large. The Tribute is just completely flat; so the medium really holds very little in my opinion. The depth of the medium Muse Two makes it 'bigger' to me and the large Muse Two is simply gigantic.

    I hope this helps! I wouldn't keep it if you don't love it. You could always return it and apply what you spent toward something you do love. Good luck!
  5. ^thanks for the input. I think that the bag is quite small especially b/c it is so flat. I too wish there was an in between version! Perhaps the shoulder drop is larger on the bigger version? I've been thinking about getting that, but i feel it might overwhelm my 5'6" frame. Do you happen to know the measurements on it? as many websites have the measurements listed differently.
  6. I just measured my bag manually haha! Okay.. so the body of the bag is 17" high at the center (it's 18" high where the ring attached to the handle is) and 17" wide. The shoulder drop from the lowest part of the indention to the top of the handle is about 9" (9.5" if stretched).
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    Thanks for all the help everyone. I'm sending back the medium to BG and now am looking into getting the large. I'm looking for an everyday bag (well one that I can use frequently at least). Do you think the YSL large tribute will be too big for someone who is 5'6"? Unsure if I should take the plunge and get the tribute in the larger version, or hold out and get the muse II? For those of you who have it/have seen the larger croc tribute, what do you think of it?
  8. Good luck Karen. I'm 5'4" and I have the large. Its really a matter of personal preference and what you are comfortable with. Again, I'd advise carefully looking over all the modeling pics in our Reference Library. Can you go try one on before purchasing?