Any experiences with pegase suitcase?

  1. I really want a damier pegase 60 but I'm afraid it will get stolen at the airport. Not a monogram, it's too flashy. Any advice? Or should I opt for taiga?
  2. I love mine, and have never had any problems....also 60 can carry on, if you are really nervous.
  3. mmmm I have the monogram I never take it on a plane in case it's stolen I keep it for weekend or any trips in the car, it's just too risky to put in a plane hold. I wouldn't even put an epi one in. Why not have your lovely luggage for trips by land & just use a brand that you don't care about on the plane. I know it's so cool to turn up to airport but sure it's checked in pretty fast & you can do your posing with your hand luggage like I do:roflmfao: A complete tragedy when all the security checks demanded that you just take on a plastic bag. how degrading:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  4. Hi, how about pegase 50? I've one in damier and I can put it on cabin :yes:

    OOO... never put it on plane hold as we don't know how the plane staff will treat it...

    My friend's mono pegase tear on the corner & get deep scratches after he put it on plane hold as baggage, so embarassing but he cried for it...

    Re-think about Taiga, the leather easily peel-off.
  5. Yes, I had a Taiga one but sold it because the leather peeled off so much. Especially in the back, I personally don't like using leather as luggage.
  6. Hmm... good to know.
  7. I have the mono pegasse 60 always check it in no problems it is luggage after all
  8. Thanks guys for all your feedback...but I want to use my pegase for YEARS AND YEARS to come, like until I'm 93485438453 years old and outlive the dinosaurs I'll still have my damier pegase (which and IF I do get it).

    I've decided no on the taiga now because of the peeling problem that was mentioned in the thread. I really do want to get damier because it's my favorite print from LV thus far.

    Haha, great quote, it's so true. Thanks
  9. Remember Victoria beckham lost all her monogram luggage on a plane, mind you they would be after more than just the luggage in her "case"
  10. Thank you!!! I feel like a broken recornd when I say that all the time!
  11. Oh I know but my Lvs are so precious I would just hate to lose any
  12. the only lv luggage ive ever seen at the airport was fake...
  13. yes it was so funny coming home from Portugal there were all these people with so much LV luggage, mono & damier, you just knew they had bought them out there had their other grubby suitcases with them also LOL
  14. Fakes of course i forgot to add
  15. I own and use a pegase 70 and 50 plus a keepall and I've travelled all over Europe with them without any problems at all. They've all held up great, the only downside to the pegases is that they are a bit heavy but that also means they are sturdy as hell. I would absolutely recommend them.