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  1. I have ordered one bag from them before and had it Authenticated... want to know if anyone else has had good or bad experiences before I order again...

  2. Uhm, who authenticated it for you? Since all they offer are a single stock photo for every auction, it looks just like all the sites that sell fake handbags out there.
  3. I auhtenticated Saks.
  4. Saks is not authorized to authentic designer handbags, let alone Fendi handbags. Even Fendi boutiques are not authorized to officially authentic Fendi handbags because of litigation issues.
  5. I just received a Gucci handbag as a gift that was ordered from Fabulouslane and I am concerned that it is not real, who should I take it to to have it authenticated, the Gucci store? I have been trying to contact Fabulous Lane to inquire about the product, but not getting an answer. Any further developments on your authenticating your bag?
  6. Did you get bags authenticity verified? I have just ordered a couple of bags. If they are not authentic, I'll return them. Please post your findings as soon as possible. Please pretty please.
  7. Don't count on them being authentic.
  8. Hello all... I am updating this thread because I am thinking of listing a bag I got from them and don't want to do it if it's not authentic... anyone else has experience with them?

  9. When I visit the address now, it's just a search engine -- definitely have whatever you got authenticated in a sub-forum, because if it ever was a store, it's not there anymore.
  10. Other members have already said not to count on them being authentic and I agree.
  11. i think all the websites that sell major brands are NOT REAL because why wouldnt the store sell them instead. If they are discounted them why not buy them from the actual store. They have great replicas and they look real but they never are because they willbe in the actual store for sale. I dont have any great experinces with buying hand bags on line and i have purchase from both espanza and fabulouslane. They are just the same and one has a law despute and soon this one fabulous will.....Advice dont buy it unless its from the actual store...less is more .............
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.