any experience with these victoria secret items?

  1. Hi guys... im tryin to order some stuff from VS online... but wanted to know if any of you had any experience with these items since ive never tried it. thanks!
    1. "no show" cotton panty (ive been looking for a long time for a seamless panty not in some weird funky nylon material)

    2. this plunge pushup bra from very sexy line

    3. and finally this wireless angels bra

    thanks guys... ANY input would be helpful! i hate returning stuff in the mail =p
  2. Hi!! Well, I can't say about the panties never having bought any there.. but a definite yes to the bras!! From personal experience, they last for AGES, don't need to be babied after, and they give you very good support/shape. You also get a very good product for a (IMO) reasonable price.

    I would recommend that you get a fitting in a shop. It's important that you get a size that will suit your body, because sizes do tend to vary from brand to brand.
  3. that wireless angels bra is wonderful! i have dying to find a pretty wireless bra for my D cups and this did the trick. they're actually quite supportive enough and are verrry comfy. i bought one in each color :p
  4. thanks for the tips !!! im def. gonna try out the wireless angels one then. comfy is key for me =):yes:
  5. yea i just bought the first bra u mentioned, the very sexy plunge bra.....i actually bought it at full price right before i was told of the semi annual sale, so i clearly had high hopes for it. i've always bought bras from the very sexy line so i didn't even try it on before buying it. unfortunately, i HATE this bra!!!!!! it looks fine and feels fine when u first put it on, but it SHOWS under clothes! the padding is too hard, imo, so it tends to slide the bra up and plz infinity edge *rolls eyes*...more like the opposite of seamless. i'm back to using my old non-infinity edge very sexy bras with the gel rather than solid padding. much more comfy, doesn't show.
  6. I haven't worn those two bras in particular, but in general I've never had any problems with their stuff. Most of my bras are from VS.
  7. LOL jewels thats EXACTLy wut i was scared of! bralines arent cute when it shows .... thanks for the warning!!! now i can avoid that one. Still need to find a bra for low necklines... i hope u can return those or something -_- they have really good return policy.....
  8. I have the panties :biggrin:
    Very comfy :smile:
    You can get it in thong aswell I think :biggrin:
  9. do they really have a good return policy? i feel bad returning something i've already worn, esp since i didn't even realize how much the bra line was showing until after i've worn it a few times. ugh, the embarassment! lol. if you want something for low necklines, what about those super weird vertical cup bras they have? i haven't tried em but it would serve that purpose well, i'd imagine. also, their convertible bras are really good...i have the very sexy one with the 4 diff ways to wear em, and i wear it as a normal bra with the normal straps and i find it works extremely well even with clothing that are super low cut. plus it's practical since you can wear it 3 other ways if necessary! i just love it. ;)
  10. i forgot to mention that the convertible bra im talking about was extreme plunge, so all the extreme plunge bras are pretty good for low necklines. so my recommendation would be to get an extreme plunge bra with gel padding (really much more seamless support than normal padding) and NO infinity edge luck!
  11. The Very Sexy bras are great!! They really help the "girls" look good and perky. I used to wear them before I got my BA.