Any experience with H Munich, Germany?

  1. Hi,

    Has anyone bought anything from this store before? What was your experience? Do they have nice goodies from time to time?
  2. Paging Lilach~~ She would know.:yes:
  3. I visited there in 2000...they were very nice, but DH speaks fluent German, so they warmed to us more than the other tourists! There were a LOT of black and gold bags.....I reckon Germany is where all the black and gold goes.........
  4. Where IS she??? I know it is the Jewish "celebrations" at the moment, but I MISS her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:crybaby:
  5. Me too~~~~ *panic panic*:crybaby:
  6. My sister was in Munich 10 days ago.. she saw the crocodile diamond birkin but nothing else.. no other birkin.. she stayed in Munich for 2 weeks going to Hermes boutique everyday with no luck.
  7. Hi MrsSparkles- Was in Munich at the end of September and saw a few Kellys (I think a BJ 32 and a clutch in purple suede?) and the crocodile birkin in the window. Also on display were various shades of purple Evelyne TPM's in the window. Asked about any birkins- no luck. I spoke to the SA in Japanese (my Japanese better than my DH's German) and she was polite.