any experience with ebayer I BUY LUXURY?

  1. thanks everyone, i think my bf bought a ring there and i was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of the seller or experience with them at all?
  2. i always admire their david yurman jewelry, as far as i know they are real..based upon their feedback record. i haven't bought anything yet.
  3. ^thanks, i know their feedback never mention fakes but i always like to get the opinions of others!
  4. Yes,I Buy Luxury is without a doubt authentic. They are the largest Yurman seller on eBay and have been for quite a few years. I have purchased from them several times and have been mostly satisfied. I haven't found their customer service to be the greatest and they seem to be confused at time but they are definitly authentic! I specialize in hard to find David Yurman pieces so I am extremely famialar with Yurman and eBay. There are a few sellers that I prefer more personally but I buy luxury usually has some of the lowest prices... PM me if you would like some of the sellers that I have been very happy with! Good luck!
  5. thanks chanel-girl!
  6. im actually surprised to find you guys mention david yurman fakes.
    i've looked online to see the comparability and resemblance to models i own, but nothing. The same thing with charriol. Anyone care to show me the difference!? THANKS!
  7. There really isnt much fake Yurman out there being sold as the real thing, most of the time is is very obviously fake and comes from China. If your famialar with Yurman you shouldnt have a problem, I have been buying Yurman on eBay for years and have never run into a fake. Just use common sense, ask questions and buy from sellers with mostly positive feedback.
  8. Jewelry is harder to authenticate than bags in many ways. Oftentimes, you have to physically have the piece in your hands to know if it's real or not. Fake designer jewelry often lacks the weight and substance of the real thing. You can't determine that readily from pictures.
  9. I bought two "David Yurman albion" rings from I Buy Luxury on eBay. I got them for about 2/3 of the price that they retail for, so I thought I was getting a great deal. Not so much. When the rings came in the mail they were very tinny and light weight compared to the real thing that I tried on at a jewelry store that sells real David Yurman pieces. I was so suspicious that I finally took the rings to the jeweler who confirmed for me that they were, in fact, fakes. Immediately I contacted I Buy Luxury to try to get my full refund. At first they denied a refund at all and told me that I would have to send in the jeweler's confirmation that they were fake. No big deal. But then they said that they weren't going to give me a full refund because I was going to be charged a restocking fee. Then i threatened to expose their fraudulent practice. Whoever they've got doing customer service needs a lesson in courtesy, or at least professionalism. The customer service person that I dealt with kept making threats to report me on eBay. I felt like I was fighting with an irrational 10 year old child. After about a 2 week battle of back and forth phone calls and emails, they finally agreed to give me a full refund (after I told them I was reporting them to the Better Business Bureau). The person at I Buy Luxury told me that they receive all of their jewelry from David Yurman and sell it as sort of an outlet store. I called David Yurman headquarters and a customer service representative I spoke with told me that that was false. She hadn't heard of I Buy Luxury, but she told me that there are a number of "stores" on eBay selling fake David Yurman pieces. I advise you to never buy from one of these powerselling stores on eBay. The pictures and descriptions are very convincing, but more often than not, the item is fake.
  10. I purchased a couple of pieces back in the early days without problem. I know of people who have purchased fakes in the past year or so.

    Neiman Marcus Last Call or Off Fifth are great places to buy discount Yurman.
  11. If your ring was indeed found authentic then you are fortunate your transaction went well. I was browsing Yurman and came upon IBuyLuxury and, like many, was intrigued by their items and low prices. That is until I came upon their auction for a ring that I have and it looked nothing like the one on my finger. I personally would not feel comfortable buying from them.
  12. Chanel-girl, Do you have any idea about seller: I bought a DY ring for my girlfriend from this seller. I got it, and it doesn't look authentic. I went to a jewelry store several times to look at the ring in person, and the diamonds look noticeably more dull. What do you say?

  13. I purchased a David Yurman diamond crossover bracelet from I Buy Luxury a couple of years ago and have always doubted its authenticity. When I received it a diamond was missing. Since then two other diamonds have fallen out of the bracelet. I contacted I Buy Luxury re my doubts about the bracelet but they basically told me to take it to Yurman to have it authenticated. I was frankly too embarrassed to do this. Since then I have checked out their pictures of a pair of Yurman earrings I own and nothing is right with their pictures. The hallmark looks nothing like on my real Yurmans that I purchased at the South Coast Plaza Yurman store. The hallmarks on the I Buy Luxury copy are rough looking and on my pair are very sharp. There are other discrepancies as well. The way the diamonds are set is not the same as on the original Yurmans. On my fake bracelet the diamond settings are so rough that they catch on clothing. This never happens with my Yurmans purchased from the Yurman store. I hope they go out of business. They are scamming buyers into bying their inferior Chinese copies.
  14. I have a question for you guys. I have a ring that is currently for sale on I buy Luxury's site. I, like many of you, own several yurman pieces. This ring was given to me as a gift and I wore it once over the period of a year. I decided it might be time to try and sell it. I spoke with them and they seamed knowledgeable and friendly, etc. So, I thought- why not? It has been on the site now for 2 weeks... I am wondering if word of their fakes has made it around and if this is effecting my ring. It's an oval turquoise ring that is also 18k gold. So, its a rare find and definetly not fake. Should I remove it from I buy Luxury and place it in a resale shop of sort? Any advice you have would be appreciated. thanks!
  15. I never bought from them but was thinking about it - no more. I noticed that they had multiple of the same piece (with different stones) when I asked about their pieces I was told they were "resale not retail." I then asked why so many of the pieces in their store were listed as "new." I was confused about the information I was getting. I got an email back saying that they would not give me any more information and that I would be blocked from purchasing from them.