Any EXPATS on tPF? I need your advice please!

  1. I've noticed that the tPF community is pretty cosmopolitan and definitely very multicultural! So I have a question: are any of you expats, or have you been before? What are your experiences as an expat?

    The reason I ask is because I'm thinking of relocating to Geneva in the next six months. Every time I think about it, though, I get a sinking feeling - how do you move your life somewhere else? How did you organise housing/transport in the new city? My new job would not cover moving, travel or accommodation expenses, as it is classified as a local position (even though it's through the federal government in my country).

    More specifically, I suppose, does anyone know anything about the cost of living etc in Geneva?

    I've looked at so many websites, but would prefer to hear about first hand experiences... any stories would be great!:heart:
  2. im not an expat but my parents spend half the year in portugal so i suppose they kind of are. they took the plunge and moved there straight away. the only way to really no what you are getting yourself into is to submerge yourself in the culture.
  3. i have family there, it is very expensive...probably on par with London or NYC, maybe even more

    when i am there, i notice how quiet everyone is...not like the U.S., i would feel lonely there...but that's just me

    it is a lovely, clean city...but very expensive
  4. i spent a couple of months in geneva and it is lovely but... i got a bit bored in the end (then again i was 20 at the time and i've mostly lived in london since i was 11). i didn't find it horrifically expensive (again, i'm used to london prices) but it certainly wasn't cheap. actually some things were a lot cheaper than in london and i stocked up, but food shopping and things like that aren't particularly cheap. i can't comment on how much rent and things like that are since work took care of all that. i lived reasonably close to work so i always walked, so i don't know how much public transport is, but i remember taxis being cheaper than in london so at least that's something :lol:
  5. Thanks girls! I just don't know if I can do it - it just seems like there is so much to organise!

    I keep telling myself that it's no big deal - people do this all the time, right?! Thanks in particular for your advice guccimamma and annanas... I've also heard that it is expensive but no more so than any other big city. It's just great to hear it from someone who's been there first hand!
  6. You're so lucky! I love Geneva but it is reallly expensive. Were I in you shoes, I would sell/store as much as possible. Then buy new IKEA things when you get there. Because it gets expensive shipping households back and forth to Europe. I've done it more times than I care to remember and it's costly and takes forever. It sucks that your job won't pay for the move. It's overwhelming but think of the stories you'll tell!!!
  7. Hiya!

    I am a Canadian and living in The Netherlands, and there are TONS of expats here! I moved with my husband's career and we came over for 4-5 years with two sons and a dog (my baby was 2 months old when we found out, 6 months old when we packed up our lives, and 9 months when we landed. Other son was 8. I feel yur pain!)

    We just resigned for 4 more yearsthough! I may not always love everything about our host country (never acquired a taste for bitterballen I'm afraid!), but I'm having a dreadful time thinking I will ever leave Europe!!!

    Pm me with stuff, I am officially taking you under my wing!!! I've got lots of ideas and hints that could help to make this easier, just general things I'm afraid not specific to Geneva. But la miss' storage/IKEA options is one of the best! Sometimes companies will have internal boards for people selling stuff too and that really is useful for appliances and furniture.

    BTW, Cal is just moving back from Europe and she's from Oz too. Maybe she can give you a home-country-relative perspective, even though it's not Switzerland. I have had some friends who were there though, and I can pass on some of the tips I was given.

    Don't be's a FANTASTIC experience!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  8. Oh thanks la miss - that is GREAT advice and it makes so much sense. In fact, it's so simple I can't believe I hadn't already considered it! Here I am stressing about what to move and what to leave behind and what I can buy when I'm there.... i'm such a doofus.

    and accessory obsessory - you are so lovely! God, your post was so warm and exciting that it's making me get all excited and much less nervous about moving! I'll PM you when I sort out my questions (if that's still ok with you); I don't want to bombard you with ridiculous stuff! thank you so SO much.