Any expat wives here?

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  1. I'm currently living in another country, accompanying my partner for work (not married, but close enough).

    I'm not working in our new city (but am searching), and there is a huge language barrier. I have to say, while it's certainly not the first time I've lived overseas, I'm finding it hard here on a day to day basis to keep myself amused and engaged in meaningful activities, and my spirits up.

    Are there any other accompanying spouses here? I'd love to hear from you! Especially if you can share your experiences and challenges, and how you have coped.
  2. I'm not an expat wife but I did move to a foreign country about 7 years ago. The language barrier was big for me in the beginning, too.

    Have you thought about taking a language class? That way you can meet some new people in your course and maybe build a friendship there.

    Many bigger cities also have Expat groups. I attended a few functions before and it was really fun :smile:
  3. Thanks for your post and suggestions! I am currently taking language lessons through my partner's work, which is somewhat helpful. Learning mandarin is very slow going for me I must admit!

    Which country did you move to?
  4. Oh, Mandarin is a whole other story!! :wtf: I couldn't imagine trying to learn a language that difficult.

    I moved from the US to Germany.
  5. Please pardon my ignorance. But What is a expat?

    Thank you
  6. Short for expatriate, it means living and working in another country that's not your country of citizenship. It's typically when one's employer in the home country sends an employee to work for a period of time at its office/location in another country.

    The employer provides living accommodations for the employee, and depending on the length of the expat assignment and other company policies, for the employee's spouse/family. The employer also handles work visas, etc. for its employee, but typically not for the employee's spouse if s/he accompanies the employee during the expat assignment.

  7. Thanks so much. Now I understand.
  8. I haven't done it but known people who have moved to places like HK/Singapore for work. It will really help if you can get a job as that expands your social network, otherwise there are usually a bunch of expat clubs in your city if you do a google search - even ask your country's consulate and they may be able to advise where to meet/organizations for people from your home country. Further to this, I would try online type groups, and also getting your partner to introduce you to his work colleagues/their partners. Maybe organize a party at your home....tell your partner to invite work colleagues me get them to bring their friends. You just need a foot in the door with one person who has a social network that you can link into.
  9. P.s. you could also take advantage of the time to do additional study/online courses, explore the city, start your own company ect. It's an awesome life experience opportunity to spend time living in a different country! I hope you learn to enjoy it!
  10. Hi! I am an expat wife. Not in Germany, though. Unlike all the others I don't really have nice experiences where I am. Although the language is not a problem for me, it is nearly impossible to find a job or any other interesting activity. Of course, I live in a small city, so I think if you live in a big one, you can always find other interesting expat persons or even a job that requires a native English speaker.
    I am sorry if I spoil your excitement about moving abroad or if this wasn't what you wanted to hear, but this is how I feel. I really hope things will work out for you!