Any exp with the Australian online store?

  1. I just wanted to know if anyone has bought from the Australian online store before and what your experience was? I placed an order on the 20th and have heard nothing since. Tried their number last week and it rung out and my email hasn't yet been responded to. Should I be concerned? At this point I wouldn't be surprised if my order was cancelled, though it still says 'submitted' in my online account. Maybe they have to source the stock from the bricks and mortar stores? I do realise the Christmas period is busy and a lot of things shut down, but surely they'd have staff on as they are a retailer.

    Anyway, would love to hear any feedback on your own experience online!
  2. Can you email them again? I've only ordered through the US online store and did have one item cancelled on me a few years ago. Has your card been charged?
  3. Thanks for your reply Jburgh! My email was responded to an hour ago, advising me that the email link I'd clicked on the Aus site directed my query to the EU customer service people who couldn't help me. I called them again this afternoon and they were at least able to confirm that stock has been allocated to me, but they can't say when it will ship.

    I think next time I want to buy I might just phone the store directly (since I'm two hours away from one), as I've always had great customer service there. Or buy from Shopbop - they are always efficient!
  4. Ferragamo Aus only charge you after the item has been processed and shipped. I ordered an item on the 3rd of Dec but it didnt get shipped and processed to me until the 14th, so I wouldn't worry too much. Going in-store sometimes is faster.
  5. Thanks for the reassurance Carma!
  6. Hi jaztee, did you end up receiving your item? I recently purchased something from their au site as well and I'm worried it might end up being cancelled.
  7. Soo... I bought a pair of varas right when the 50% sale email came out and was just informed my order was cancelled :sad:
  8. That's not good :sad: I asked them to cancel my order this morning when I saw the exact same bag online in several stores so decided to get them there instead. Do you know if they will end up charging you and refund you later or not charge you ? Cause for me the transaction is still showing as pending on my account activity.