any ever use this website for tokidoki?

  1. and free shipping and ten dollars off first order!
  2. that's really odd.
  3. It is the same... They're probably just two different companies under one main corporation. If you go on the first link of ifashionmall, there's a little section that says "Blog@eModa."
  4. I wish I could get that hula hoop girl tee...that would be awesome, but they dont have XL...and idk if I want to lose weight to fit into it hahah.

    Does anyone else notice that toki shirts fade kinda fast?
  5. Ok weird question - what size are you guys getting in the tokidokid t's that wear a small or x-small in womens tops or a medium in juniors tops?
  6. i wear small or x-small in other clothing lines but i'm not into tight fitting baby tees so i always get a Medium in Tokidoki t-shirts :smile: HTH!