Any ever hear of JUNIOR DRAKE? Owners?

  1. Found this brand on the Citizen Rose website. Says it's made with "Super soft leather". Anyone ever hear of this brand? If so, any comments on the quality? styles? leather?
  2. I have seen a few at Nordstroms over the past year. They're nice bags! :smile:
  3. These are cute. I have never heard of this brand before.
  4. I purchased one from Nordstrom a while back and returned it only b/c it was too small for my needs...the leather was really nice- distressed, but soft!
  5. Does anyone own the Roberta? I think it's cute but would love to see pics IRL. Too bad the site doesn't show the item in available colors when you click your mouse on the color and doesn't show it's scale on a model.
  6. Hi, I just *bought* a Junior Drake today! So I was searching tPF for "Junior Drake" and found this thread.

    I bought the Renee... this bag... in brown.

    The leather is veerry nice.. and the bag is really cool. The inside is silk with pictures of women. I will try to take some pix and post. :yes:
  7. ok, here's a couple of pics for ya.

    I like the leather on this bag -- it's very soft and buttery... the interior is way cool with that silk printed lining and it has a cell phone pocket and larger pocket...

    Overall the bag is very nice. The color is lighter than what my picture shows.
    P4180888_P.JPG P4180890_P.JPG P4180897_P.JPG
  8. ^^^That's adorable!! I was just looking through their site, and found the Roberta that someone mentioned above. Wasn't someone asking recently what a bag an actress was wearing that sounds exactly like this?