Any eternity band comes close to the Tiffany Soleste?


Jun 26, 2011
Castle in the Sky
Hi there!

I've been on the hunt for a wedding band. And I want an eternity to go with my round brilliant solitaire. I'm really anal about the eternity band sitting perfectly (or pretty close) flushed to the e-ring, and so far my search has failed. I recently tried on the Tiffany Soleste band and it comes really close. The problem is the pricetag, I don't want to dish out $2,000-3,000 for a band. Can anyone give me suggestions on what my alternatives are? I would love to buy it online to save myself some tax. If the last resort is buying the Soleste band from Tiffany, then I will have to save up some cash. :biggrin:

This is my engagement ring setting:

And here's the Soleste eternity band:

Appreciate the help! :smile:



Mar 22, 2007
Thanks for the suggestion, Ame! I'd rather pay 2k than 3k for the soleste band! :smile:

It's a very nice band, I've seen it in person made in white gold and it's something that would be a great match to a Soleste.