Any English Bullies owners/breeders out there?

  1. I'd love to get one! Anything I really need to know about the breed before I start looking at breeders? I live in Hong Kong and they are EXPENSIVE here (as I'm sure they are everywhere) and want to know how to look for a good quality pup. I've been to the AKC page and have 3 other dogs so training isn't too difficult but I've heard that bullies have skin and hip problems?

    Any special training in particular for the breed? I know they don't do well in heat and humidity but all my dogs are mostly indoors (except for walks 2 times a day!)

    Any recommended breeders from the UK, Ireland, Australia, NZ? Those are the only 4 countries I can import without quarantine before 5 months. Thanks so much! :flowers:
  2. be prepared for horrendous gas!!!! and boy do they snore! my friend named her english bulldog StinkySlob (oh, yeah they also slobber). also, you have have to clean under the folds so they don't get skin infections. however, they do make great pets. can't wait to see picks of the new pup.
  3. I can't reccomend any breeders in that area.

    They can have a looooong list of issues, lets see if i can remember them all:
    Skin conditions, elongated soft pallete, cherry eye, stenotic nares(nose), entropion, ectropion (both eye problems),hypoplasia of the trachea, ACL problems, and hip dysplasia, heart issues.....I am sure there are more but that is all I can think of off the top of my head.

    Now with all that being said, my bulldog hasn't had ANY issues.

    They have to have their wrinkles cleaned daily, some have inverted tail pockets that need to be cleaned or they will be infected.

    As far as training, it is about the same and I would definately use a crate. They are eager to please and love lots of praise. Bulldogs are strong chewers if you leave them out of a crate they have been known to chew on wood furniture and even holes in drywall.

    They are really great dogs, I suggest that if they have dog shows in your area start going to them and maybe you can get some ideas of the breeders in your area. Also, just check out to get an idea of the bulldog standard and what you should be looking for.

    Good luck! They are wonderful dogs!
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao: I forgot about the can add a tbls of plain yogurt to their food to help with that. Also, not all bulldogs drool, mine doesn't she just is a sloppy drinker.
  5. Thanks so much for the responses Nines and 4theluv! I've been scouring the net for the past few days looking at them and reading up on them. I find the gas bit hilarious! :roflmfao: I actually have a helper that takes care of all my dogs so cleaning the folds on a daily basis shouldn't be a problem.

    to_the_nines: I notice you have a Frenchie as your avatar! What are they like? I'm trying to decide between an English Bulldog and a French Bulldog. I know they are quite different in temperament and size etc. and I'm trying to figure out which breed will best fit my lifestyle and family.

    Thanks again for the responses!
  6. actually, my avatar is a boston terrier... :smile:. we have two of them, and they do look a bit like the black and white frenchies. like you, i want a frenchie real bad! frenchies are similar to the boston terrier and the english bulldog. the have gas and can have breathing problems. i've heard that they're wonderful dogs. you should also check out boston terriers, they're the best (but my opinion is biased)!!! can't wait to hear what breed you end up choosing.
  7. oh silly me! sorry to have mistaken your cute boston as a frenchie :shame:

    i'm still trying to decide which breed to get. either way i will have to import the breed (they are very rare in HK and poorly bred for the most part) but i heard that the humidity is horrible for them. i might consider another breed because i don't want it to suffer! thanks again for the helpful information :roflmfao: