Any endorsements for the modern chain tote--longevity, wearability, etc?

  1. I am thinking of getting on the waiting list for one in brown that a super sweet SA just called me about.
  2. I have the east/west and love it. I toss it around and it still looks like the day I got it -- love weathered leather for casual bags.
  3. Love my "grey" (really a taupe color) e/w MC! Great leather, size, shape, and holds a ton!! I love the leather interior too. It's very well made - super sturdy.
  4. I LOVE my white E/W so much that I'm also getting the black N/S glazed calfskin tote. The MC ligne is very durable and the chains are really comfortable. I also love how the chains don't slip off my shoulder.
  5. How do guys think the glazed calfskin compares to the leather on the other modern chain?
    Beside black you know what other colors it will come in?
  6. Love it. My red and black modern chain totes are my favorite and most used Chanel bag for the past year. I highly recommend them. The leather is very durable and resistant to stains. My red one got drowned in fruit punch once and by the time I got home to clean it it had dried and looked like nothing had ever happened. Note that on the lighter color leathers the chain intertwined around the leather will darken the leather some. At least it is on my red one. I love the leather interior. The roominess. The ability to take it from work to casual us and to after work is very versatile. They are also one of my most complimented Chanel bags. I'm getting my moneys worth out of these. They will not sit in your closet unused.
  7. ITA with Roey, clk55girl and BlackLadyLaw.

    - most complimented bag.
    - holds a ton (even my mac book pro)
    - gets tossed around alot at soccer fields and swim meets and still looks brand spankin' new
    - may seem heavy but really isn't
    - the chains are great and don't slip
  8. Wow! that's durable!

    Does anyone know if the glazed calfskin will come in red? :love:
  9. Did not see red at the trunk show.
  10. Thanks Karen,

    I already have a black one and think I may need another, so was hoping it would come in other colors.

    I'd sure like to see the glazed calfskin.
    My local Chanel and Nordstroms does not have them in yet - Does Saks or Neimans have any?
  11. Red in the glazed calfskin would be beautiful! I'll have to ask next time I'm at NM. Would love a e/w version as well. Just wish it wasn't so expensive.:sad:
  12. I asked about red at the Tyson Mall in VA, the SA only said black & brown. But I did see the E/W black, and its soo beautiful! I can't wait till I get my tote!
  13. If anyone hears about the red ...please let me know:drool:
  14. My SA mentioned something about red, but she thinks it'll be a dark red :smile:

    I have the MC glazed carviar tote and LOVE it, I can't say enough about this bag :nuts:
  15. Berlyn--how long have you had the bag? Is it fairly new??